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10 life lessons

10 life lessons from the movie Chef

Its been a while since last movie recommendation! We do not watch tv, but sometimes we see some movie or series… This movie is amazing! It delighted us, so we decidet to share with you our thoughts about it because everyone, readers, bloggers, business owners, or those who want to start something new can learn a lot from this movie! Be ready for 10 life lessons now!

MOVIE: Chef  – 2014

In short about movie…

This is movie about chef who has no idea what is Twitter, Facebook … Chef has no idea anything about the online world, but he loves his job and does it masterfully. One evening, a blogger came to evaluate his work. But restaurant owner does not allow any experimentation. Blogger had boring evening and dinner, so he wrote a bad review about the best chef in town. Criticism went viral and there start messiness. As we have already said the cook does not know anything about the online world, so instead of private messages he tweet something that should not be online …

What happened next, see in the film 🙂 (Eat before you watch it!)

What we can all learn from this film?

  • It is necessary to adapt to new trends
  • Do not underestimate the power of the Internet
  • When you do something stupid, everyone will see it
  • Everything can be repaired
  • If a ten year old can do it – so can you!

Why bloggers are constantly expecting something new?

  • Bloggers do not expect anything new, just expect the best version of what you offer in order to show it to their audience. Bloggers are expected to behave towards them as well as to any other customer, because why would they recommend something that is magnificent for them and some other few individuals but regular for others? The point is that bloggers only transmit your message in the best possible way, same as you  should be doing your job – in the best possible way!


  1. Accept the present – we live in the era of the Internet. You do not have to work online, but you have to be familiar with the basics. Accept it as it is and extract the best out of it!
  2. The future is unknown – today is current Internet is on today, but tomorrow it might already be gone. Simply entire network may fall, so it is important to realize that the future of whatever is going to happen again and there’s not much you can do except …
  3. To do what excites you and what makes you happy! Whatever it is and no matter how difficult that is because …
  4. Doing what you love does not mean that this will be the easiest job in your life!
  5. But it is necessary to fight for what you love, because if you rot everyday at work who do not love, no one around you will be happy because you’re unhappy!
  6. You do not need to seek approval and compliments from others. Whenever someone send criticism, no matter how bad his intention is, be thankful. He did you a favor because he showed what needs more of your attention!
  7. No need to be dramma queen – when it’s a crisis, there will be a crisis eventually, crisis always comes … Be brave and find opportunity in crisis. Inquire, learn, seek help!
  8. Passion attracts success – sometimes you have to take your chances and doing just for the passion and love that brings you the job – the money comes as a reward, if you find a real passion! Just like in love and relationship!
  9. Less is always more! The simpler the better!
  10. Inspiration is all around you – if you pay attention!

If you find all this hard to digest, you will be inspired to cook something magnificent 😉

Have you seen this movie? What do you think?

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