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10 places to go in Europe in 2016

The fact is a lot of things happen in recent months in Europe. Is it safe or not, no one can guarantee. However, everybody love when go on vacation to relax and do not think much. We all like to relax and enjoy, right? Some couples prefer romance, some action, but we all like the wonderful feeling of relaxation when we are far away from everything known. Therefore, we suggest you forget about the major cities, forget about the destinations for which all tourists are crazy and to go to some of the places that remind us of the undiscovered jewels!

We have selected top 10 places to go in Europe in 2016 that will make you want to be on track right now! 🙂

  1. Skåne County, Sweden

Skane Švedska

Skane county in Sweden, the main city is Malmo. However, the real fun is here outside the capital for those who love nature! Rural areas, which have not been modernized, traditional farms engaged in organic production attracts lovers of this way of life. Who loves a vacation that includes a daily walk in the woodsand mushrooms this is great choicee! In coastal areas you can enjoy excellent fish dishes.


You can visit Dublin, but…


How about a vacation during which you can not take your eyes off the green pastures and romantic old fortifications and castles?


Aarhus, city in Denmark, for which many say that has one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. Yes, if you like colder sea and do not like being scorching sun, this is the right choice for you! The beautiful harbor and many restaurants, did not take much for romance when you are abroad, right?



We can not deny the beauty of Paris, but look at this charming beauty!

Bordeaux Francuska Evropa

Bordeaux is a well known place for wine and vineyards. You can enjoy excursions to wineries. Except for wine this city is known as the French city of art and history. Many churches, historical monuments, parks and museums in one place, make this town ideal for those who like to explore and learn about the history with a good glass of wine.



Of course we all like Prague, but give BRUNO a chance . For all lovers of good fun, there are bars, but coffee lovers will manage easy! Who loves the legend this is a city for it, ask the locals about their favorite and which they trust the most because in Brno is linked with a several of them! From here you can make trips to Prague and Vienna


vaud geneva svajcarska

Do you like Charlie Chaplin? Then you have to go into town Vevey … But what do you think of what can be found in the museum of food? Or perhaps you prefer museums aquariums? In whatever you enjoy, Switzerland will not disappoint you.


The capital of culture and arts in Spain. This is perhaps unjustly forgotten destination, when the travel agency concerned. Beautiful Sea + city where Picasso was born. If you visit this place for sure is that you will enjoy  a lot! From Malaga you can use speed train to travelto Madrid and Barcelona.



turin italy

Italy, the country of good food and espresso can offer more than that 🙂 This once industrial capital city now attracts tourists to museums, with art and has the largest open-air market. Of course, here you can enjoy a good wine!


Fall in Colmar, France / Kolmar, Francuska

This place you really have to experience live, romance, wine, beautiful old center and much more … More about Colmar see here, because we have visited Colmar last year! This is one of our favorite destination ever so far!



Everybody likes Serbia! Amazing kind people, lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, plains, nature, nightlife, lovely food, good wine and brandy… Our favorite is always the Danube … Take their course, listen to stories and legends, enjoy good food and drink and meet this country that everyone who visit it once return for more!

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