10 summer travel advices

10 summer travel advices

10 summer travel advices!

Who does not love summer holidays ?! Beach, sunshine, palm trees, a cocktail (beer), sand (or rocks, depending on what is your definition of paradise) … You are already there and having fun!!

But when you get there it does not mean that everything will be so easy and perfect. It can happen to you to make the problem and to become upset and nervous at beginning or when you are going home! Therefore, regardless of the location you go, read and adopt these guidelines to have most amazing summer holiday this year! By now you’ve heard a million advices … Do not do this… Try to do that… That’s why we’re packed up these 10 useful tips for the summer holidays that will serve you regardless of the location to which you’re headed!

1. Suitcase

Stop carrying everything you own! Take only what you think you will need, and then remove half of the things from the suitcase! The last thing you need is to pull a piece of luggage of 40 kilos at 40 or more degrees from the bus stop, at the railway station or the airport! At the end you will feel upset because you will not have a place to pack even small souvenirs!

2. Money

Always have more money than you think you will need. Not because you need to flag up because you live only once, but because you will be sorry if you encounter on some extra thing you look for years and you have not brought the money because you thought you will not need it, for example!

3. Insurance

Always get insurance. Wherever you go, whatever you do. Insurance is an important part of the journey! You never know what can hurt you, but it is not the point of traveling to pay for dentures thousands of euros!

4. NEVER BUT NEVER WEAR documents and money in the back pocket!

5. BUY experiences and adventures!

Regardless of where and how much you enjoy to spend your summer vacation it can always be better. Take a cruise, try the local food. Experience some adventure.


No matter how nice you feel while you explore city, you will hate that place if you feel that your feet hurt and find out that you have blisters. Get yourself a pair of good quality shoes and socks! Plastic shoes with flat soles or platform more than 5 cm ARE NOT made for walking around the city!


Guide does not know everything! The locals know! Get lost, take one day and just walk around, look around, sit and watch … You never know what you can discover!


First – do not overdo it with the amount of sunscreen. Second – sunscreen is required! Third – you need to drink plenty of water when you’re in the sun! Fourth – after sun, you must apply some cream with something that is good for hydration. There are a million SOS after sun creams. Any cream is better than nothing! In case you or burn Jomelop or HIPERHAMAGEL can help. If you do not have some gel yogurt is the lifeline, but it does not smell awesome 🙂 Avocados can also fix the skin!


Wherever you go, whatever you do – do not drink tap water !!! Maybe it’s cheaper, but it can happen that you have a serious stomach problems, because you are not accustomed to the water! Always carry with you some probiotic capsules. Also take a bottle of water with you everywhere, wherever you go!

10. Jellyfish

The Adriatic Sea is full of jellyfish, also the Black sea! If you get burn by this monster, do not fly out the water, stay in the water 15 minutes more. Salt water will help the skin to recover! If the redness remains lubricate some jellyfish sting!

That’s all of our 10 summer travel advices! 🙂 We hope it will help you! Share this article with your friends, because this is a must know tips for summer vacation! If you have a some summer travel advices you want to share with everyone be free to leave a comment! 🙂

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