10 weird secrets that hotel owners hide from you!

When you decide to go somewhere you always have a choice where to sleep. Hotels have always considered the best choice, regardless of the star. It seems logical that the hotel is better than the hostels, apartments or camping … And also more expensive, right? Well, what if we discover their 10 hotel secrets, that will prove that some hotels actually overpaid! After reading this text, you will not understand how anyone how could anyone can charge for the night more than 50 euros, regardless of the category of hotel (if we forget the location and things like that).


Check in early at your own risk. Demanding an early check in can be hazardous to your health! With a number of rooms to clean, there’s no telling how fast/bad the maid cleaned your room to have it ready in time.


Think twice is it vise for you to use them! Some hotel uses furniture polish to clean glasses because they want them to shine bright like a diamond!


Be honest, how many times you cleaned your tv or air condition remote? Maybe you clean it, but hotels don’t care about them until they see dirty and bacterias with human eye! Disgusting!


Do not be afraid of pool, they will clean it and use a lot of chlore. Be afraid of sunbeds! They are dirty because they will clean them just before and after the season! Its better to sit on ground than on sunbeds!


Do not use TAP WATER! The last thing you need on your vacation or before some appointment is stomach problems. Be aware that some bacterias can sleep in your body for years! Drink bottle water!


While sheets are washed every day, blankets only get washed once a week. Bed covers are cleaned (maybe) once a month. If you want them all cleaned, you have to ask. This luxury you payed and be wise to use it!


If you liked some hotel, and you are able to find their phone or email at google.com, be sure to contact them directly, Some of them will be happy to give you 50% discount because they do not have to pay fee to some online booking site! Go, just try!

8. Recepcionar

This guy know everything! They know exactly where you can save money and what is the real situation in the city. With a very small fee can save you hundreds of dollars or euros. It takes only a smile, a little money and the guts to ask whatever you like!


They do not care about your car, or about your rented car! Most hotels aren’t liable for any damage incurred by their valet drivers. Beware.

10. THE BEST FOR LAST – Hack the cancellation fee

If you have to suddenly cancel, don’t pay the fees. Just call and move the stay a month later. Then call back in the next few days and cancel. You will not have to pay any fee.

What do you say? Did you know the secrets of the hotel? Do hotels have to pay more attention to guests, considering the price list? Do you expect more from the stars or from the tradition? Where do you most prefer to be staying? Hotel, apartment accommodation or camping?


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