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matorci na odmoru

Why you should act like old people on vacation?

To act like old people on vacation? What the hell you talking ?! Banging nonsense to attract attention! What nonsense my folks are boring! You’ve probably thought something like this! But we will have to disappoint you, we’re know what we are talking about 🙂

It’s time to really spend great time on vacation. Just the way you deserve and the way you have always wanted! When you read this article you will find that you do not have a single excuse for a summer vacation in a walk from the beach to the accommodation and later from the accommodation to the bar or shopping center! To succeed in this it is necessary to act like old people on vacation 🙂

Sounds funny, but here we will explain what’s the deal?

  1. DO NOT CARE – wherever you was on vacation in the world you had the opportunity, at least once to see older women in topless. They just want to attract attention? I’m sorry to disappoint you! They do not care about your attention and they just do what they like and what they have fun! They came to relax and rest and not to worry about others! Everything that does not endanger other people, flora and fauna – is allowed, and you do not have to care what anyone thinks!
  2. ENDURANCE – known those old people with 100 pounds that float all day in the sea? It looks idiotic, but consider that –  could you all day do the same thing and not get tired too much? The old man got up before 5am, walked until the Sun came out … And then he went out of the water on sunset. Then again went for a night walk! You are meanwhile was checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the shade with a beer in hand … too bad right?
  3. FOOD – old people like to eat! A lot! What fun it is is that they like to experiment. They like to try new things and enjoy the taste! Food & Beverage (who had never tried) are an integral part of rest and relaxation! Maybe you’re a student, but one proper dinner you can afford! Dare to try it, not the point of life to die skinny! You are generally not remember nigh out! Surprise your brain!
  4. TO BE RETOLD! – They like to enjoy, but they also like to explore! A lot more old people we met in public transport, inter-city buses and on ships than young people! Old people go on longer walking tours. They climb the highest mountain! They are swimming with sharks! They are not difficult to make a memory, because they can sleep at home in front of the TV!
  5. Old people have imagination, old people laugh, remember the old stories … They know how to enjoy and try to experience as much as possible! They do not matter how they will turns out on the pictures, they want to be in these pictures! They are grateful for this moment because they are aware of how life is short! They are aware that tomorrow might not be able to re-visit this place and so thus live for today, at this moment!

It is time to spend your vacation like never before. Listen to yourself and enjoy the moment because you do not have to care what others think! Just enjoy your way!

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