Bad gifts



  1. Body spray. It’s so shabby that my grandmother would rather opt for a cup or wool socks. When I get out of a deodorant, I take that as You stink, want you to spray with this
  2. Pots, pans, spoons and other equipment and cooking tools at all. Neither the girlfriend, wife, mother, grandmother … anyone. It is impossible to be joyful with that.
  3. Glasses. You can not buy some sunglasses because not everyone can carry any model of of glasses.
  4. Do not give anything what you get for a present, it is not ok. Especially if you do not remember from whom you received it, and the same gift back to the person who gave it to you.
  5. Medicines for weight loss NEVER! Even if she asked for it, do not you dare. She will take that as confirmation that she is fat, which you certainly do not need in your life.



  1. Clothes – do not know for sure the exact measure in centimeters, you do not know how this will be something that fits. Buying clothes is a process and it is very likely that something will be wrong when he / she has to wear. Basically these things end up like distant relatives present.
  2. Small home appliances – scales, mixers, hair dryers, cutters and other things are not a good gift. A gift should be used by people for whom this gift was given and not the entire household.
  3. The book with the wrong title and themes – for example: girl loves flowers and decides to grown it. If the title of the book is ambiguous, something like: ’’She loves roses’’, does not necessarily mean that the topic of books is about roses and flowers. Maybe it’s a love story where someone is killed in the end. Not a good idea.
  4. Pet – if you have not previously talked about it seriously, pets are like NO WAY!!! Hardly anybody have the time and inclination to deal with animals, except if he/she really, really likes the same. And you do not want your gift ends up in the street or in a shelter.
  5. ANYthing packed in bad will and negative energy – Neither the Angelina gave Brad an island with a grumpy face. A smile is the point, even when it comes to chocolate bananas. 🙂
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