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Disadvantages of living together

Disadvantages of living together

  • You are attending  PMS 12 times a year , and than you are asking ‘’Does God exist?’’
  • You are watching romantic movies with her and you’re  giving her wipes.
  • You have to put down a board after using  toilets
  • I often go to the store to buy  102 things, but  102 times.
  • In the winter you have to warm up her icy soles and it’s a DISASTER !

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  1. It happens that you fall into the toilet because the seat was raised.
  2. You get a few pounds because of pancakes and pizza and there is a lot of PMS
  3. You have to watch the flying Chinese and lot of nonsense because of the  tolerance.
  4. It takes a lot of effort to convince him that he still wants what you want and not what he wants.
  5. Discussions like why Sun is yellow when he thinks it’s green are daily routine and sometimes it’s not cute, it’s just boring.
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