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Gift ideas for him and for her


  1. USBflesh memory, there are a billion of shapes and sizes. Evrybody use it every day. When it is plugged ih he7she will think about you 😉
  2. It is cold outside and our macho men do not like lip balm, because it’s gay. There is a solution – BACON
  3. Wellness weekend. Nothing relax  better that sauna, massage, light meals and rest (just try to say that the money is the problem, do not lie, leave the cigarettes and take her, she deserves it or you do not deserve her!)
  4. Chocolate and flower. Easy and always effective. No one expects one thousand and one rose. One flower is enough, does not even have to be a rose! After all the official color for 2014 is purple. Purple Orchid will knock down all the fancy updated girls.
  5. Love, all year, every day, every hour, non-stop. Even when you are angry at each other


  1. Leather wallet would have been a real hit. Not necessarily expensive, but is something that is always with us
  2. Bottle of your favorite drink is ok
  3. Digital picture frame
  4. Underwear. I don’t see how it can be ok, but it is, always readily accepted  gift.
  5. If you don’t have the money, send a nice word, it can not be mistaken
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