He about faith


Great fuss is usual during holidays. I’ll never be clear that people need to spit on what represents a culture, religion and customs of any nation. When we talk about orthodoxy, we always talk abut the scandal of SPC, the indecent assault of priests … It is like when someone is disappointed in several doctors and therefore neglected its health. As I have repeatedly said, priests are only part of the people. Religion, in my humble opinion, is not belief in God, Allah, Buddha or in any other but THE FAITH  in yourself. Each of us is a God for themselves. Tailor their own destiny, but we play this game we call life. You might be wondering, if I already believe in myself, why bother making fun of Christmas, Easter, Ramadan. It bothers me because it’s part of the tradition. Tradition should be saved. Christmas  „obligate“ to wherever you are, do not forget where we came from, we try to do our best to make this day spend with our family. It teaches us to be better people, to be grateful for what we have. It does not matter what you believe, it is important to believe. It bothers me that we have given ourselves the right to make fun of everything to the point that we lose faith in us, in loved ones. If today we spit on faith, will tomorrow each of us spit on ourselves?

I will not tell you what to believe or how to live, but I will say that I believe in you, in me.

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