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I was sitting in the post office and waiting in line. I was watching people, as I usually do, analyzing them but that’s another story. My attention was drawn to the guy who tried to skip the queue and get to the counter for payment.  Nervižous  pensioners and climacteric ladies started grumbling, so I decided to follow the situation.  He came to the window that was right next to me. The conversation goes like this:
„Hello, can I please ask you a question?“

„-Come on …“

„I’d really like to be a postman, can you tell me who is the man who can employ the postman?“

(I was stunned. Prim. Authors)

Then my attention was drawn to working booklet  in his hand.

A clerk at counter  sent him to the some office, and I do not know what happened next. As he was leaving, I noticed a smile on his face and a glimmer of hope that sparkled in his eyes, he looked like he got that job!


We can only  guess, but we can assume that this story has 2 possible ends:

1.  (If he came to me, and that I am employing postmens, or if someone in that position who knows what’s important in  selection of workers):  „Really you want to be a postman that much? I did not ever seen a young man with so much desire and willingness to do that job. You just seem like a responsible person. Let’s try for 15 days, and lets meet then again so we could to our mutual satisfaction conclude the contract. „


2. (this is more likely in this case: he was met by chubby supervisor in a suit, with stains of pies on tie and white on the nose of milk, who sits on the membership card party ) I don’t know who told you that we are looking for postmans, if you bring a CV leave it here, if and when we need new emloyers,  we’ll contact you. Have you ever work  something like this, do you have any experience? You don’t? It’s hard …

If someone knocked on my door, someone with  that desire, enthusiasm, initiative, courage and honesty, and that I have a position in companny, I could not say no.

What do you think? I received this too personally? I did! Yes, I am! Because, several years ago, I was one of those who knocked on many doors and can you guess if someone open it for me?

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