This sentence spoken by everyone, everywhere, anytime. When talking about the disease, when talking about violence and always hears the same – do not even think it can not happen to you. You need this, you need that. All diseases will be cach on you even though you have no predisposition to get them just because it can happen to you in that you were convinced by them.

On the other hand, love can never happen to you. All people are psychopaths and they are here only in order to use you to the fullest and it will drop you off like an old rag.

Neither money you do not need to have because money is evil, those who has money he is not happy because they stole the same. And how it can not happen to you, right?

Everyone has their own view of life. Someone is trying to survive it, the others want to experience it.

Honestly, sentence It does not can happen to you is using wrong.

I use that line whenever I hear of a disease (and believe me, it is very, very rare). To me disease can not happened, just as it can not happen to me anything that we see in the most horrific horror films.

I do not have to do anything. I can get up in the morning, had to laugh. To take a tablespoon of honey and water. To go for a walk at fresh air with a my dog for a few minutes, hours. I sit down to work. To pause work whenever I need it. To meditate, to practice, to read … I have love almost a decade. A university degree. Master in progress. We help others whenever we can. We’ve got bussiness to develop. This way I can talk to you till tomorrow. Of course, we live a fairy tale.

My first step was to shut down the tv news. And political shows, and TV in general. From those boxes mainly comes everything that disturbs us. Forget about them. live your life, not theirs . It may seem to you that that can not happen to you, but it is up to you to decide what you want to happen. You choose it is important to you to know about new illness that appeared or to find out what is your greatest talent. The choice is yours.

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