Sex & The City from the male perspective


Carrie Bradshaw

-forever unhappy in love, having an affair with a married man, insisting on original products and expensive clothes. This undecided lady is not sure exactly what she they want, but also not even sure what does not want. Everyday cry and complain. Finds solace in a man who appears in the series and, of course, the Beast.

Miranda first impression would be that she is a lovely creature, successful in business, a good mother and wife. But … unable to organize his life to work and family, in a word, a woman in chaos.

Charlotte-of all the ladies of the series, it seems like a cultural woman who has a goodsoul, patriarchal upbringing and sophistication. Behind it all, hiding a very strange person. Someone who speaks one thing and doing another. She loves the machomen, and then marry a bald chubby which sit on her white stylistic sofa with  naked ass. Not to mention that she never looked at her vagina.

Samantha’s promiscuous women in each episode riding another man, the penistalking even while dine. Known as a woman of low morals but a higher level. It’s easy to buy her for a sumptuous bag or pair of earrings.

If we ignore the humor that was in the TV series noticeable, my question for the ladies who read this is

WITH WHICH OF THESE 4 LADIES YOU CAN IDENTIFIED YOURSELF?Whichever you choose, I have to say“ That’s why you are alone!“

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