The official color of 2014. and orchid

Pantone (those who are responsible for the control of the color spectrum) are published the color of the 2014. It is the „Orchid radiant“ (Radiant Orchid, PANTONE 18-3224).

„The inspiring harmony bright purple and purple with pink shadow,“ Radiant Orchid „causes and inspires safety and radiating love. This is a purple that wins, the one who attracts you inside its incredible charm.“

Leatris Eismann

Speaking of orchids, purple and love there is one that is officially announced the beginning of our (pre) life together. In fact, sometime at the beginning of March, in a year when we started living together, he has moved one orchid into my home. He said that I will not have much to do about it, except that it must not be exposed to strong sunlight, should not to be in a cold place, it is necessary to clean sheets and sometimes watering. She lived until April, received a new leaf but it quickly wilted. How should I know why? I did what I was told and what I read on the net. When wilted, we started to live together. Maybe it’s the point of reincarnation of orchids in safety and love Coincidence? I do not think so.

This color chosen by Pantone is ok. Nice color, what do I know. Of course, the color will wear ladies, but we can use it to make them impressed them. I think I have a boxer with the application of that color. I’m awesome. Anyway, as mentioned above orchids (cross myself) God rest her soul, did not live long enough for more writing. Although the orchid is not the main topic of this post, at least as a martyr deserves is mentioned. I do not know exactly what happened, but she died. When I brought to an orchid, I was thinking what to say to her, and the first idea was “ This is a symbol of our love …“. Good thing I did not say that, because frankly, I had no plans to wither away as she …

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