10 things to do in december!

1. Decorate Christmas tree

Find inspiration around youdo not throw ornaments on itrather enjoy in that together!

2. Go to ice skating

Although you do not live in the city which has an ice rink find time for this party because it is not expensive and you will spend time together and more + you’ll learn something (such as, for example, to keep your balance or youll get sore muscles;)

3. Visit some of the New Year Fairs

Colours, lights, Santa Claus and xoxoxo

4. Visit some shopping mall

Picture yourself in front of a huge tree, besides reindeer, Santa Claus, enjoy the magic of December!

5. Walk in the snow

We hope it will fall until the New Year.

6. Buy holiday cards (UNICEF or a charity)

If all of your family is close to you, then send it to him / her, in order to Fauré. You will help some childrens and  surprise him/her

7. The wish

Consider what it is the right and perfect whish for you to imagine when the hands coincide on 31 December.

8. Make an owl

Of thread, yarn, cut the fabric in the shape of owl, make it out of clay, draw it, take a picture from the Net and color it… Keep it in the house and she will keep you

9. Make a plan for NEXT YEAR

Write down all your desires, goals, and this time achieve them!

10. Satisfy yourself

Buy yourself something, or do something that only fulfills you, Surprise yourself.

BECAUSE DECEMBER ROMANCE does not have to be expensive. The important thing is to enjoy the holidays with those who you really love

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