nije pravo vreme za putovanje

10 excuses why NOW is NOT the right time to travel

Do you recognize yourself in the above picture? Constantly you want to go somewhere, but something always goes wrong and in the end you find yourself in a situation like the little man in the image … In front of PC or MAC, with a glass / bottle in hand, googling beautiful pictures of some place in the world ??
When traveling you meet a lot of people. Among them are people who travel, but generally most of them are local. Believe it or not, there are people, who never went out of his hometown or current residence? When hear some of our adventures all are like – wooow wonderful, eh if I could do that, but I can not. We gathered 10 of the most common excuses that we hear and we decided to disprove!

EXCUSE NUMBER 1: I do not have enough money

Believe me when travel is concerned, this is the smallest problem! See here how you can save money!

EXCUSE NUMBER 2: I do not have enough time

Do you really not know how to organize or are afraid to do something new? Make sure you’re not doing something wrong in the organization of your time!


Of course, in order to survive, everyone must work, because of course we all need money. But there’s a fine line between a normal man and man cluttered with obligations that do not know where his head is – read number 2, that’s the same thing. If your boss is such a jerk that he can not allows you that two or three days to blow out whether the problem is the boss or you never even asked for these days off ???

EXCUSE NUMBER 4: It is a good opportunity, but I have to go to the weddings, birthdays …

People who love you, they know you for a long time and they will respect you and understand if you miss something important in their lives for the sake of your happiness. If you find some gread low cost or good offer, just go for it! CARPE DIEM man, you will not live forever!

EXCUSE NUMBER 5: Always something comes up
Stop more planing and start paying that trip. Always something comes up , sorts of things comes up because you did not have anything planned or booked … You’re just dreaming and imagination will not take you far.
EXCUSE NUMBER 6: What if something goes wrong …
Can you imagine that something goes wrong, well it will be corrected, somehow, who cares how. On trips _ the saim is nothing goes according to plan … What matters is that you’re alive and well, everything else takes care of itself. Sometimes you do not know exactly where you’re going and when you get there you fucking die of luck because you you saw the saim is discovered something amazing! Thus, the saim is in the life.
EXCUSE NUMBER 7: I have to help someone finish THINGS ...
You do not have to, you want, you decided to find there for someone in a particular situation and it’s great, as long as this process does not jeopardizing yourself. Not helping someone something, 365 days a year?

EXCUSE NUMBER 8: SOMEONE DISAGREE and do not like that …

Not even you agree with many things, but guess what, they happen. And it will continue to happen. But this is just your problem, you need to deal with your attitude,  right?


It does not matter whether you’re male or female go alone! You can not believe how many people in this world at this time are traveling solo! Google solo travelers and do not be surprised when you find out how many there are! You’ll find companions on the road if you want.


In a relationship it should always be a compromise. Yet never make someone to do something they do not like. So either you will find a compromise or read the number 9.

These are only the most frequently spoken excuses why now is not the right time to travel … What’s your excuse?

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