Slowly approaching the end of the year. There are just few weeks left until the New Year. We conclude accounts, thoughts … We are closing a circle and strive to start a new one, the best we can.

We are very grateful for this year because we have traveled a lot. So we’ve been through a lot and seen many things and met a lot of people and socialized with many people around the globe, so we decided that the most basic life lessons that we have learned share with you. If you realize their importance, they will not only make easier your next trip, but the whole life.

  1. Every journey changes you (virtually every venture that you start in life). You are not the same as you were yesterday. You become what you think, what you see around you and what you really want and belive you can to become to.
  2. THE SUITCASE can not make you mad because it is too heavy, or that you have forgotten something or broke another thing on the way. You are annoying yourself and you have to learn to control that, otherwise not only that you will feel bad and ruin journey, but you’ll bore other people around you.
  3. ALL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WANT THE SAME – which is freedom, acceptance, joy, happiness, hope for a better future and LOVE!
  4. Nobody knows everything – All people in the world have different problems, and all are faced with different situations and you know what – each of them does not know something or is not able to do. The difference between those who overcome problems and those who stop in one place until the end of life is that one go and try to resolve problems, while others complain about how it is impossible to get something resolved.
  5. YOU SEE ONLY WHAT THEY PERMIT YOU TO SEE – When you go to explore a city, you will see only what they feel that it is ok to see and to recommend to others what you do not need to see it will be locked. The same is with people, it is difficult to expect to see something more than what they present to you.
  6. NEVER be ashamed to ask, to say you do not know something or that you do not understand something. Think of it like this – if someone explain where is the buildings you wish to see, and you are absolutely not understand anything, and all the time you smiling and saying OK, OK, you’ll lose the time andin the end you will not find what you’re looking for. The rule is simple – JUST ASK!
  7. Understand that sentence – If I have more money, I would not have have this problem – is a great illusion. If you do not live on the street, you have something to eat and you can afford anything during the day or month (chocolate, cigars, ball, cable tv, dog, excursion, coffee …) trust us, money is not your problem. All that really matters in life does not cost a single cent (see No 3), and all you pay is generally much cheaper than you think it is.
  8. NOTHING is how it looks like – on the TV every day they are showing various scenes from around the world and people believe it ?! Realize that today it is possible to attach and direct EVERYTHING. Do not waste time on things that others want you to believe it is, but make sure you experience the real thing and the real situation, whatever they are!
  9. YOU CAN NOT PLEASE EVERYONE – Whatever you do, whatever you work, whatever you’re saying some will disagree with you, others will agree with you. And that’s just their problem, not yours.
  10. When you have a goal in front of yourself, move yourself and get things done and realize it. If your country has no sea, it will never come to you that you can swim in it! Do not think so much, but find a way to go to the sea. Analyzing is a great thing, but to make anything happen in this world, action is needed to lead to reactions. Therefore GO! JUST GO!

It’s been a great year, with this new knowledge, we believe that the next will be even better 🙂
What have you learned during this year?


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