Najbezbednije zemlje sveta za putovanje

10 safest country in the world to travel in 2016

Unfortunately, the last few months have shown us that not all countries of the world are safe for everyday life or for tourists. Although there is a list – the safest countries in the world to travel in 2016 – The US government issued a statement that non country is safe to travel and they advised citizens to be very careful if they decide to leave the state border. Warning will be in force until 24 February 2016.
It is certain that not all will wait 24 February to set out on a trip. However it is wise to choose destinations where you feel safe, right?

Thanks to various studies in the past year 2015, especially after the November sad events in France, we came to the 10 safest countries in the world. To make this list were analyzed relationships between domestic people, and also whether there is a possibility of disorder among the local population, the safety of the homes, the military and police forces, if there is a potential for conflict with neighboring countries, the likelihood of a terrorist attack and response to natural disasters in the past.

According to that these are the safest countries in the world to travel in 2016:

  1. ICELANDBlue_Lagoon_Geothermal_Hot_Spring_Iceland_Silica_XL
  2. DenmarkDenmark-City
  3. SwedenStitched Panorama
  4. AustraliaAustralia-Kangaroo
  5. Canada
  6. New ZealandLake-Matheson
  7. Havaiihawaii
  8. Japanx1920_Cherry-Blossom-Lake-Sakura-Japan
  9. Ireland

    Dunluce Castle
    Dunluce Castle
  10. Czech Republic

Whichever destination you choose, we wish you a pleasant journey and a unforgetable time 🙂 Bon Vojaĝo

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