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Odlučili ste se da putujete sa partnerom? Pročitajte naše savete 🙂


Pre nego što se upustite u ovu avanturu pričajte (pogotovo ako prvi put idete na putovanje sa dečkom/devojkom). Recite svoja očekivanja i zašto želite da posetite neko mesto. Nemoguće je da ispričate sve vrline i mane ali je potrebno da se usaglasite oko destinacije.


Isplanirajte put. Ne ostavljajte to za kad stignete na destinaciju! Dogovorite se oko obilaska mesta i načina na koji ćete provoditi vreme. Naravno ne treba da pišete planer iz sekunde u sekundu, dovoljno je da se dogovorite da ćete jedan dan, na primer ići u šoping a drugi u obilazak muzeja fudbalskog kluba.


Nećete se složiti oko svega. Nikad. U većini slučajeva ćete hteti da radite različite stvari zato je super poštovati onu staru DOGOVOR KUĆU GRADI.


Super stvar je dogovoriti se. Ipak postoje neke stvari koje partneru možda neće prijati. Tako da ako vam se skače bandži a vaša bolja polovina nije za to ili preskočite ovu aktivnost ili uradite to sami. Ako ste krenuli negde zajedno ne morate sve da radite zajedno.


Opet se vraćamo na dogovor, toleranciju i empatiju. Ako nemate uplaćenu hranu u smeštaju (za koji ste se oboje odlučili) nemojte terati parnera/ku da jede morske plodove ako ne želi. Takođe uvek nosite grickalice / voće sa sobom jer se nikad ne zna ko će kad da ogladni a super je imati prvu pomoć dok ne nađete mesto na kome ćete oboje moći da uživate u hrani.


Nemaju svi ista očekivanja. Šta očekujete od osobe sa kojom krećete na put? Da li želite da stalno budete zajedno? Da li želite sami da isprobate neku aktivnost ili pobedite neki strah? Pričajte o tome. Ne dozvolite da se pokrene rasprava u sred odmora.


Vikend odmor, a da ne pričamo o odmoru od 10-15 dana, će pokazati sve vaše i partnerove mane i kvalitete. Ako ne živite zajedno na putovanju ćete se brzinski upoznati. Ko je nervozan zbog čekanja prevoza, ko zbog toga što je gladan a kome se ne sviđa način na koji je soba sređena videće se u prvih 24h provedenih van domaćeg terena. Pripremite se na svašta!


Ponašajte se normalno i prirodno. Ne možete na plažu sa šminkom. Ne možeš da se non stop špricas dezodoransom. Ne možete samo da imate seks, morate nešto i da vidite a sobu imate i kod kuće.


Ako nemate zajednički budžet (ne živite zajedno i slično), super je da se dogovorite oko troškova. Ne može on svaki dan da plaća sve vaše dnevne troškove a ti da trošiš novac na garderobu, torbe, cipele i šminku.

10. UŽIVAJTE dok putujete sa partnerom

Krenuli ste da biste uživali i potrudite se da tako i bude. Ponašajte se prirodno. Uživajte i u putovanju i u destinaciji. U dvoje je svakako romantičnije i zabavnije ako postoji tolerancija, ljubav i poštovanje 🙂




Before you engage in this adventure talk (especially if for the first time you go on a trip with a boyfriend / girlfriend). Tell your expectations and why you want to visit some place. It is impossible to tell all the virtues and flaws but it is necessary to agree on the destination.


Plan a trip. Do not leave it for when you arrive at your destination! Agree on a tour of the city and the way you will spend time there. Of course you should not write planner by the second, it is enough to agree that you will one day, for example, go shopping and the other in the museum tour of the football club.


You will not agree on everything. Never. In most cases you will want to do different things, so it’s super to respect the old Serbian saying AGREEMENT builds house.


The great thing is to agree. However, there are some things that your partner may not be comfortable in. So if you want to do bungee jumping and your better half is not for it, or you can skip this activity or you can do it by yourself, alone. If you’re headed somewhere together, you do not need everything to work together.

5. Food and accommodation

Again we return to the agreement, tolerance and empathy. If you have not paid the food in the lodging (for which you have both decided) do not force a partner to eat seafood if he or she do not want it. Also always carry snacks / fruit with you because you never know who is going and when to get hungry and it’s great to have a first aid until you find a place where you will both be able to enjoy the food.


Not everyone has the same expectations. What do you expect from the person you’re going on a trip? Do you want to constantly be together? Do you prefer to try an activity or win some fear alone? Talk about it. Do not allow to start discussions in the middle of the holiday.


Holiday weekend, not to mention the vacation of 10-15 days, will show all of your and your partner’s flaws and qualities. If you do not live together on a journey you will get to know who is who. Who is nervous about waiting transport. Who is nervous because he is hungry and who do not like the way the room is arranged. All will be seen in the first 24 hours spent outside the home court. Be prepared for anything!

8. Do not go overboard

Just act normal and natural. You can not go to the beach with makeup. You just can not use a deodorant non-stop. You can not just have sex, you have something to see outside, and you have a room at home, too.


If you do not have a common budget (you do not live togetherand similar), it’s great to agree about your expenses. He can not pay all your living expenses, every day, while she spending money on clothes, bags, shoes and makeup.


You’re heading out to enjoy and try to make it that way. Just act natural. Enjoy the journey and the destination. In the two are certainly more romantic and fun if there is tolerance, love and respect 🙂




  1. Great tips. It’s nerve-wracking to take the first trip with a new love. I’ve learned that as long as we communicate well things will be better. It means being brave sometimes but if you can weather being absolutely frank with one another you know the relationship is really special. If not then you rack it up to experience.

    1. Sometimes it is hard tp say something because you are scared of reaction but we learned that travelling can kill that fear because if you decided to travel ypu already decided to leave ypu comfort zone and you stat doing things for yourself. Better you – better relationship 🙂

  2. All great tips for traveling with your partner. I’ve been traveling with my boyfriend for over 2 years now and you really need to take all of these points into consideration if you want to enjoy your travels and not kill each other.

    1. Hahha yea sometimes you wish ypu colud kill him/her but thats love and life indeed. When travelling you learn to face it and kill bad thoughts and behavior not people :)))

  3. All common sense advice, though traveling with other people is never easy.

    1. Nothing is easy but if you have love you will succeed 🙂

  4. Great tips for traveling with your partner. They may seem like common sense but it’s difficult to actually put it into practice while on the road.

    1. Well cant every single thing be perfect 🙂 It is hard but if you care about someone it become easy

  5. Great list! The one that stood out the most for us was that you see the best and worst of each other while travelling! This is definitely true!

  6. You’re so right, you do have to leave the room at some point – go out and see something! Traveling with someone can be challenging but it can also be rewarding. You’ve provided some really important tips for those are going on their first, fourth or twentieth trip. Also, a little reminder to have empathy and tolerance is never a bad thing.

  7. Love all of these tips – fantastic post. People assume that they’re going to have a fabulous time on a trip overseas because they’re traveling with their partner, though I’ve always said that travel with either make or break a relationship!!! Because you really do gain an appreciation of each other on a whole new level.

    Excellent tips – I think communication is what it comes down to the most – communicating exactly what you want to do, and exactly what you expect your budget will be etc. I would also add logging off technology and social media – you’re there to spend time with your partner, and technology will be waiting for us when we get back from our trip 😀

  8. I agree with most of these. Never get married until you have traveled with someone. It is the ultimate test.

  9. I agree completely with Jennifer – traveling with your partner before marriage is an absolute must because you will see the best and worst sides of them when faced with the challenges of traveling.

  10. Great tips. I don’t really tend to travel with my partners mainly because sometimes I find it hard to travel with other people but from travelling with best friends I know that you have to listen and accommodate each other.

  11. These are all great to think about when traveling with others. Tolerance for their needs is so important!

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