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10 ways to travel for free

Ah, this journey … Travel for free is a dream.

Of course, let’s face it, you will need a few euros or dollars. But there are ways that can help you traveling for free !

Totally realistic is that you can get free transport, accommodation, excursions and it is time to learn this how!

Da su putovanja besplatna nikada me više ne biste videli :)

Believe it or not there are more than 10 ways to free travel. We have selected these ten because they are checked! We tried some of them or our friends traveled like this!

Lets begin this! Here are 10 ways to travel for free!

  1. Studying abroad – Work and Travel programs provide fantastic opportunities for travel. If you are an excellent and ambitious student there is possibility of obtaining a scholarship that means even pocket money! Inquire about this option at your college or school! Also there is an option to start dancing in some group or train some other sport, so that you can travel with group to competition around the world!

  2. If you have finished college – VOLUNTEER! Help the children of the third world to learn English … clean planet earth, participate in projects around the world for the preservation of the environment. Anyone can be a volunteer. You can find excellent packages where you get transport, accommodation and food while you in turn do something 5-9 hours. Weekends often can be free, so you have time to research, but also meet amazing people around the globe!

  3. Find a job because of which you will have to travel! This can be very hard, but it is not impossible! We know people who have traveled the world and did not give a single euro for flights or hotels because they had all organized by a company! If you are an expert in some field you do not have to move abroad, but try to apply for jobs involving a lot of travel. Competition in this business are rare, because very few people can live the hotel life! But if you are single and have a desire to see the world, just go! In addition to traveling, these jobs are well paid!

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  4. Free travel may be achievable with the help of various sites that connect travelers. is only one of the many web sites where you can find accommodation at locals, for free! Statistic shows that this form of travel used to be the best because sometimes only then you really get to know the locals and you can learn about culture, country, city firsthand!

  5. Make friends with the locals! Have more confidence in the people! Although we all hear every day that the world is a very dangerous place and that people are generally evil and wants to take advantage of you this is not true! On trips you can meet fabulous people who want, from the heart to show you their country and their city, in the best possible way. For this reason, you can get get free trips and great local food. Beware of course, but in 99% of cases later you will only have fantastic memories that not even and expensive luxury agency can sell you!

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  6. Seasonal jobs! You like some place or country? Want to go skiing or seaside for free? Even better could be if you can get paid for it, right? This is much more than possible! Seasonal jobs are ideal for you. Keep the ski slopes, be a lifeguard at the pool, be instruktror of skiing, swimming, work in a coffee shop on the beach, in a hotel … The options are unlimited and the world is big!

  7. Free tours and walking tours. Again we return to the locals. There are people who are called greeters. In many countries at the local level, you can reserve your free tour with them and also learn a lot about the place you visited.

  8. Fing great deals for plane tickets! For 1-2 euros you can get to many places in the world! We used this trick so many times and you have no need to worry whether you will arrive at a destination!

    Applications such as Hopper, Sky Scanner can help you find fantastic deals and travel almost for free!

    On the other hand collect miles and win free flights. Follow the airlines and their actions, you never know what might come up. But be prepared to act NOW as it offers rarely last longer than a day or two …

  9. Contests and competitions! Participate in all kinds of competitions and contests for a free trips! Just try, you have absolutely nothing to lose!
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  10. Become (travel) blogger. As a blogger you have many more options for free or partially free travel.

Bon vojage! 🙂

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