First we want to wish you a happy New Year! Hope you had a nice time last night and you’re greeted New Year smiling WITH STYLE! 🙂 We would like that this year will be more successful than the previous one and that is why today we have prepared a 20 wise thought for the beginning of NEW YEAR 🙂

  1. Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you need to move constantly – Albert Einstein
  2. When one door closes, another opens, but often we look at closed door so that we do not see the one that opened in front of us – Helen Keller
  3. Anyone who restricts his vision of the memories of the past is dead – Lillie Langtry
  4. Do not let the New Year become new beginning for the old habits – Anonymous
  5. Good New Year’s promises are like the man who signs the checks without coverage. – Oscar Wilde
  6. Better think about living today than about New Year’s wishes and promises. – Henry Moore
  7. New Year’s is another chance to correct everything we messed up. – Oprah Winfrey
  8. An optimist stays up to see the coming New Year and the pessimist stays up to make sure that old year really goes!
  9. Every end is a new beginning!
  10. The biggest mistake you can make in life is to think that you are working for anyone but yourself. Brian Tracy
  11. Accept the defeat as a sign that your plans were not good, do it from the start and sail once again on an adventure to your goal. Naopleon Hill
  12. While you are wondering where you can go on your next vacation, it is better to begin to try to make your own life from which you do not want and get away. Seth Godin
  13. The fact that things have not turned out as expected does not mean that it was useless to you. Thomas Edison
  14. Your most unhappy users are one from whom you can learn the most. Bill Gates
  15. Knowing is not enough, it must be applied! Wanting is not enough, it must be done! Goethe
  16. It is more important to do the right thing rather than just do something the right way. Peter Drucker
  17. Being the richest man in the cemetery does not mean nothing to me … When you go to bed at night with the thought that you did something great, that’s important. Steve Jobs
  18. You must either change your dreams or strengthen your skills. Jim Ron
  19. Formal education will allow a normal life. Self education will make a fortune. Jim Ron
  20. Long ago it became clear that people tend achievements are not sitting and waiting for the things to happen. They go and happen to the things. Leonardo Da Vinci

We hope that these quotes motivate you to move at the beginning of this year! Do not sleep on the first of January and not to forget your desires, goals and decisions you’ve made to your 2016 become phenomenal! Once again, we wish you a Happy New Year! Read once again these 20 wise thoughts for the beginning of the year and sail into adventure 🙂


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