8 more days until the New Year! Are you excited? 🙂 Well, we are! End of the year we always spend in the car, always traveling somewhere, visiting something, we celebrate … 🙂 We can not wait to share that with you, but first let’s sum up impressions from this year. We were worked hard in 2015 and we really tried to cheer up your every day with a new post. We’re a little hung out with static to find out what you liked. shared, commented …

5 most read posts

  1. On the first place, are the most beautiful swimming pool OF THE WORLD 🙂 We expect snow these days, but it is useful to recall the release of these 12 wonderful! Click on the picture to see the other 11!The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

2. In 2015, the most you wanted to learn how to save some money. About savings we have written several times and each time it was read. We hope that we were able to teach you something! Click on the image to read the 10 easy ways to save money!


3. A lot of you asked us where in Serbia can spend the summer holiday! If we forget that Serbia has no sea, we found 6 places where you can spend time and have fun just like as you were at seaside! To find out where the waterfall called Prskalo is located and the other places, we recommend you click on the picture!


4. Low cost flights are still, in some ways new in Serbia and the region. How we managed to use all the advantages but also to find out what about them is not good, we wrote the text of the facts that low cost airlines are hiding from you. Text are particularly loved because many of you understand how things actually work and how important it is to pay all services online before the scheduled flight or you may have to pay up to 5 times more expensive. Learn the secrets of luggage, special offers and when is the best time to book flight by clicking on the image 🙂

citati o putovanjima / travel quote

5. In fifth place is the text AUTUMN IN SERBIA. In this article we give you suggestions of sites where you can spend a great weekend in Serbia. To find out where the Serbian Tuscany is and othersuggestions click on this beautiful image of Zlatibor!

Fall on Zlatibor mountain, Serbia / Jesen na Zlatiboru
Fall on Zlatibor mountain, Serbia / Jesen na Zlatiboru

That’s it! These were your favorite and most read texts on our blog in 2015! Maybe you think it’s another worthy to be found in the top 5, well write it in the comment, we’d love to know what you like! It is a great feeling when someone thank you on the idea or inspiration that you have given them, or when you find in inbox a question about some destination and later a thank you note it always can cheer up a day 🙂 Thank you people!


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