2015 review – the best thing happened this year and thank you note 🙂

When we look back at 2015. there was a lot of lessons we learned – HERE ARE 10 LIFE LESSONS WE LEARNED WHILE TRAVELING THIS YEAR

We tried to help you with the help of a horoscope to give enthusiasts travel great gifts this season – HOROSCOPE AND TRAVEL – RIGHT GIFTS FOR TRAVELERS

We selected applications for mobile devices that we used the most during this year that helped us a lot when traveling – FREE TRAVEL APPS FOR TRAVELERS

Here are 5 most beautiful places we have been in 2015!

We have collected impressions and become aware of what we wanted and what we actually achieved during this year! And we were delighted with this result so we showed you how we succeed!

We scroll Instagram and reviewed the year 2015 – 2015 in pictures from Instagram

Then we checked the statistics to find out what are the most read in 2015 on our site! – TOP 5 stories

There was a lot of awkward moments, so we decided to share with you a few of them to make you laugh 🙂 TOP 5 AWKWARD MOMENTS OF 2015

Scents that have marked 2015!

We will remember 2015 by lovely sunsets all around the world 🙂

We show you why you should be generous! We hope you’ve listened to us and that you finished this year with helping someone 🙂

In the end its awesome to be grateful for all lovely memories and for all people and organizations who collaborate with us and helped us come here! Of course we are most grateful for your click and time you spend on our site! We hope to see you more often here and that you bring some friends too 🙂 We feel lovely when we help you to get somewhere or when we promote something beautiful! We feel great when giving! So we promise that the next year will be much more better and much more useful for our readers, our partners and ourselves! We wish you a very happy New Year! See ya, next year 🙂


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