* Who are you?

  • Human!

* Nah not that, what do you do for living?

  • Blogging

* What’s that?

  • Our blog is a website where you can find our articles, texts, impressions and advices about travel and life for couples.

* Aa that’s the website. Cool. It’s easy, you go everywhere, write and take pictures. Good for you. So is you do it like real job?

  • Yes

* Wow, you’re lucky, you enjoy life!

This is the dialogue between us and people who are not familiar to the Internet world looks like. Everything is wonderful, great and enjoyable. It depends from which side are you looking.

Somewhere I read that in Serbia there are approximately 500,000 blogs. Which means that almost all of us have something to say, show and share with others. It is absolutely right that people write all kinds of stuff, because the form of blog is something like an online diary. We all live, so everyone has a story 🙂
In the jungle of 500,000 blogs you should be special, specific. As everywhere else, it is important to allocate from mass of the same things and people. No, it is not necessary to invent anything new (although it does not hurt). You just have to do things in your own way. Do things that feels good to you. Happiness can be seen in posts and articles.

Why we started a blog?

  • Our blog was created because we wanted to all our travel stories be in one place. We wanted a million videos we have turn in to one that we will always look with satisfaction. We wanted a million photos have an eye always the best ones. We wanted to record our impressions. The turning point was when we opened the folder of 1000 pictures and videos from Zakynthos. We just decided to take care of our memories. Travel is our common passion! And that is why it all started …

Blog topic

  • This is the most important thing – write about the things you love and about which you want to learn! What is that thing that makes you happy? What is the topic about you might not talk for days? What would you like to learn? These are things that you should blogging. Blog with the purpose is the one who helps other people to do and learn something.


  • We always write for our souls. We publish things that are interesting to us. When you write about things you know and when people see that you learn these things and what did you do to learn them slowly you gain the trust of readers. So if you love the train ride write about feelings that appear when you go somewhere by train, describe landscapes that you saw and liked. You’re not a mechanic and it is not necessary to write how the train works and what is in the machine. If you write things about you do not know enough, can happen to send some information to audience that are not true. That is the way for quickly losing confidence …

Earnings of the blog

  • This you have heard hundreds of times – do not begin a blog if you want to make money fromit. If you want to start earning get a job or open the online store. Blog is written because someone love to do it and not because they have to earn with his help. If you write well, and if you have good content it is sure that you will be able to earn some money. To earn, you need the audience. To reach the audience you need to gain the trust of readers. To gain the confidence you need to be both useful and interesting. All of this takes time.

How does it look like in Serbia

  • Does the blog job of the future in Serbia? Probably. There are still many people who do not know how much benefit can really have from a blog. Believe me, there are people who still do not know what a blog is.
  • In Serbia there are quality bloggers, but there are those who would do anything for money. The fact is that is the saim in the world. Someone have blog for love, some for money and some merged nice and useful. Serbia is no exception. Blogging is the same all over the world, as well as bread and milk, just the price is not the same in every country!

You can not write a blog post on 15 minutes. It takes time and true love!

How much time? From idea to realization sometimes it take several days. Taking pictures, a selection of photographs, recording, making videos, writing when the emotions settle … As a traveler you experience a lot of things in a single day. Nobody likes long articles, texts and therefore it is important to evoke the situation in a couple of effective sentence. These sentences will someone remind of a certain place and some other people will be motivated to go and visit this city or place…

Is it easy to be a blogger?

When love for writing, photography and the Internet are mixed in your life, it’s easy to be a blogger. Maybe it’s easier in some countries where the blog is more valuable. But it is not difficult either in Serbia. We believe that the blog is something that will be needed in Serbia and that in the future people will teach and learn more about it. We believe that people, especially entrepreneurs will realize how important blog is for business. There is a lot of content and so we strive to make our content be high- quality and useful and short.

Any business that is starting from scratch is difficult. While you learn and until you take a step it is truly hard … And then you realize that you have much more to learn. And then you see that there’s a lot new things to learn day by day… Everything changes including the blog, you just need to catch up the step with it. And wherever it takes you will be awesome 🙂


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