It is the end of the year. Slowly we set goals and plans for a new year, but we gladly remember the events of this beautiful 2015. The path led us to different places. Somewhere we have learned a lot, somewhere we ate well, elsewhere we were overwhelmed by the beauty of nature … In any case, we have chosen five destinations that we visited which are our favorites for this year. From heart we recommend you to visit them at least once in your life!
1. KOPAONIK, Serbia


Kopaonik is a mountain on which you go once and that always coming back. It does not matter whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. No matter how this mountain is dressed it is one of the best in Serbia. On this mountain I made the first ski moves! Not to mention what we all learned in Blogomanija. Really great memories 🙂

2. Monastery Nikolja, Serbia

This monastery is located near Cacak. Here we found such peace that I can not find words to describe how wonderful it is. Access to the monastery is enabled from the road and from the water. Watch the video and make sure in the early spring make a trip to the monastery and take a ride on a catamaran! These memories last for life 🙂

3. Beach Fig Tree Bay, Cyprus

On this beach we have the most beautiful swimming during the month we spent in Cyprus. Glorious coastal town of Protaras and the beautiful Fig Tree Bay beach are the reason we are happy to return to Cyprus (If we exclude haloumi cheese and other Cypriot delicacies)

4.Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania

Beautiful place in the heart of Transylvania. Nothing to do with Dracula, but has the motivation. First, the castle and yard are so beautiful that there is no tourist who never thought something like, waaau it would be wonderful to live here. Another thing is that whenever desire to work and progress disappear I remember guide who talks about the phenomenal picture painted by the artist without hand. Just realize that everything can be done and made when you really want and when you bury all excuses. A beautiful day at this castle 🙂

5. Colmar, France

This is really one of the most romantic places we have ever been. Lots of history, colorful buildings … Channel Little Venice …. The beautiful memories .. We were in preparation for the Christmas market and I can only tell you that they have launched a festive fairytale in November 🙂 Lights, tinsel, ornaments .. . the smell of waffles and pancakes … wine at the cafe on the corner … a dream 🙂

That’s it! 5 most beautiful places we’ve visited this year! Uf, it was difficult to choose where we had the best time! We are very grateful for all we have seen and learned in the course of this year! We hope to have at least a small fraction of the atmosphere passed on to you and that you enjoyed our videos, posts and photos. We hope you have learned something new and that you’re at least a little motivated to start exploring the world around you! Thank you for being our guest! 🙂



  1. Lovely beach! Cant wait for next summer holiday

  2. Serbian mountains are so beautiful. Love traveling the Europe

  3. You two look lovely on this photo from Colmar 🙂

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