5 MESTA NA ZEMLJI na kojima je toliko hladno da ljudima ne treba zamrzivač


5 coldest place on the planet WHERE IS so cold that sometimes IS DANGEROUS TO GO OUT FOR A WALK

Winter Fairy Tale has another side of the story. While this seems very fairytale-like these are places where the temperature does not exceed 0. These cities is very difficult to reach. There are not many people who would agree to live in either of these places and can freely say inhumane conditions. However, those who were born in these towns and villages are accustomed and get used to the conditions that surround them – the endless snow, ice and daily minus.

1. Verkhoyansk – Russia

Current temperature in a new place where there are about 1300 inhabitants is around -40 ° C. Really freezzing.


2. Oymyakon – Russia

The lowest ever recorded temperature was -67.7°C (at least from the time when the temperature was started to measure).

najhladnija mesta na planeti

3. Yakutsk – Russia

300,000 inhabitants are daily faced with the coldness, which currently goes to -30 degrees. Good advice would you give the residents of this city is that – not wear glasses or headphones when you go outside because it can happen to you that literally freeze to you and to stick to your skin! Horrible!


4. Ulan Bator, Mongolia

Currently in this city is a pleasant temperature of minus 11 degrees. But winter can show teeth and temperatures from -40 ° C are very known to those people. brrrrrr


5. Barrow, USA, AL

In Barrow, the northernmost city of USA, is -21 degree! 4300 inhabitants, every winter are faced wiith 30 days without sun, and here the temperature go up to acceptable minus 30 ° C. Movie 30 days of night was filmed here. The signs we see are showing us that they are dream about warmer regions 🙂

barrow places on earth where is so cold

In the climate in whole world is like this it is certain that nobody would ever have occurred to invent somethingg like fridge or freezer. That is to freeze. Congratulations to these people who live here, they are very brave! We can not imagine life without the summer, right? We do not know about you, but we’re frozen. It is time for a cup of coffee 🙂

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