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Hello travel lovers!

Today we give you ideas how to stay in touch with family, friends and business associates abroad, while roaming! Roaming prices depend on several factors, such as your home operator, the country you are going, the network that your phone catches .. Sometimes prices are acceptable, but sometimes can cost more than the entire travel arrangement! If you do not want that thing to happen, it is necessary to think and act on time.

Before you hit the road disable the roaming services, mobile data and similar in the settings of your phone. If you have a mobile modem contact your service provider to give you specific instructions and price list when use Internet in roaming!

How to stay in touch while roaming?

  1. If you go somewhere for a few days, contact your service provider and activate some of the offered packages that you can use when you are abroad and in roaming. You’ll get dozens of text messages, megabytes and minutes, and you will not pay thousands of dollars at the end of the month!
  2. WIFI – Check if your accommodation has a WiFi or whether there is an open network around. So you can send e-mails or to keep in touch with everyone through Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp … You can also send text messages over the Internet.
  3. Portable Wi-Fi (hotspot or dongle) may be a good solution. You can inquire with the local operators, although there are companies that rent the equipment for a specific period. See here more about it.
  4. Local SIM card is the best solution if you often travel to some country or stay there a couple of months!
  5. Home phones and payphone. Yes this still exists, and prices have never been lower. Vintage!

As always, and now we have a bonus for you 🙂 Another vintage suggestion … If you do not care about communication speed, we suggest you to send a postcard or letter! Imagine how many of your friends and relatives will be happy when they get something from the mailman!


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