HERE YOU CAN READ WHY IS great to be generous, and today we give you particular ideas how to do this!

At least one of these things you can do during this holiday season! None of these things is too expensive and just not even feel that you helped someone, except that it will make you feel better, nicer, livelier!

Imagine that Santa is on vacation and that you have to replace him! Here are ideas how to become Santa Claus this holiday season!

Show that the world can change, start with yourself, be generous, so make someone cheerful! Here’s how to be generous during the holidays:

1. Go to a shopping center or the center of your city and find a place where you can leave a package or sweets for the children!

2. Donate your hair for the sick people!

3. Send a text and help an some organization!

4. Collect or buy clothes and shoes, and take it to the Red Cross or give it to someone who can not afford warm clothes!

5. Buy or make food and hot drink for someone living on the street or who can not afford a holiday dinner!

6. Donate blood!

7. Put avay from the street animal or help someone to to adopt animals! Or take in the asylum sack of food!

8. Make your nearest something that can not be bought! Surprise them – boil lunchor Suckor change something in yourself for the better! 🙂

9. Become volunteer in a home for the elderlyor volunteer in a children’s institution! If you do not have financial capacity, spend a little of your time on other people, which besides everything material, still lacks a few nice words or someone to play a card game with or company to drink coffee!


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