Mulhouse is located at 30 kilometers from the airport in Basel, in the French region of Alsace. This charming French town, as well as Colmar, in the winter months attracts tourists with Christmas holiday magic. Downtown at the end of October turns into a giant construction site, with a lot of wooden houses, that will shine in full splendor, this year on 22 November. Enthusiasm followed by Christmas and New Year spirit is not absent even in Mulhouse.

What you can see and do in Mulhouse?

  1. Visit and enjoy the magic of Christmas from the end of November until after the New Year
  2. Historical Museum – Hotel Ville
  3. Car Museum
  4. The museum of trains
  5. Electropolis
  6. Zoo
  7. Harbor and railway stations
  8. Textile Museum
  9. Botanical Garden
  10. Parks
  11. Churches, temples, synagogues …
  12. Try a croissant and coffee or croissant and orange juice
  13. Eat a sandwich on a park bench
  14. Try macarons
  15. Drink wine at any time of the day in one of the small cafes in the city center
  16. In this city you can camp
  17. Rent bikes because almost everywhere there are bike paths
  18. Buy a piece of designer clothing Made In France
  19. Picture yourself near the restaurant that was spinning
  20. Meet someone from Serbia or Bosnia 🙂

We recommend you to find accommodation in the center of Mulhouse where you can easily reach the railway station or tram. Everything is ideally connected, but if you’re in the center of the majority you can reach almost everything on foot. We were staying at Residhotel so that center and the holiday mood was just around the corner 🙂 When you start with a stroll in this city you will not want to stop. Explore the side streets, but beware of your stuff, because the locals say that this is not exactly the safest city. Once in this city was a restaurant, a panorama that was turning. In literally from top of the building you was able to see whole town, so that you can enjoy your meal overlooking the city. Unfortunately, it is closed. In the museum of cars you will forget about time when you see all those old timers standing proud of their history. We may be boring, but the city center will infect you with Christmas holiday euphoria, as well as decorated surrounding streets, houses, shop windows … If you ask us, it is time to adorn the Christmas tree 🙂

Vrh zgrade se nekad okretao...
Spinning restaurant
Božićna rasprodaja
Christmas sale
Izlog obližnje prodavnice
Shop window
Katedrala - protestantsko katolička
Hotel Ville
Hotel Ville
Pahulje umesto pravog snega :)
Snowflakes before real snow
Praznici :)
Shop windows Christmas spirit
Muzej automobila Miluz
Cite de l’Automobile Mulhouse
Muzej automobila Miluz
Car museum Mulhouse France
Muzej automobila Miluz
Car museum Mulhouse

Centar Miluza

Praznici nam stižu :)
Christmas is coming 🙂
mulhousee france

Special thanks to the Tourist Organization of Mulhouse France


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