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Attracting new guests is a major challenge, not only for small hotels, but for the most luxurious in the world. For this reason, everyone is following new achievements and development of science. Internet presentation does not look like they used to and do not contain just informations. Now they are animated and encouraged guests to various actions. As far as the hotel it is no longer enough just to have a simple web page. It goes without saying! Guests want more and no, that MORE are not gifts! Guests want to see what to expect and to check if it’s worth what they need to pay!

Of course on website, you can always post pictures and videos. However guests want more!

Free tour of luxury hotels?

Now you’re wondering: How can I get free visit to some of the luxury hotels in Dubai? 

It’s simple. You do not have to pay $15,000 per night. Just visit the website Dubai360 and enjoy a virtual tour through the city and the most beautiful hotels in the world.
What can you see when you visit this site?

This is, for now, the best way to get a hotel (and town) presentation on the Internet. Thus, the customer provides a way to see where he goes, what pays and what is real hotel location.

We have used technology 360 degrees when we were in France. We searched the location of Residhotel Mulhouse Centre, and then we went down the little yellow man on the street 🙂 (Street View). So we have a little strolling the streets of Mulhouse virtually, until we realized that we could walk in the hotel reception. See here how it looks on

How it helped us and how it can help the other tourists like you?

First we saw the true location of the hotel. We have seen how the hotel looks and everything that surrounds it. We saw part of the hotel and we estimated that the price corresponds to the quality of service they could give us.

What are the benefits of virtual tours for hotels?

It is clear that many more things are sold and bought when the customer, in some way feel something about product. So a tour of the hotel, which gives you the impression that you’re actualy there, can increase the number of visits.

What are the disadvantages?

This is relatively new, so what you see now, you’ll generally find when you get to a certain place. However, as everything changes, it happens naturally to a hotel is under renovation, while some other hotels deteriorate with age. For this reason it is very important that virtual tours, such as a tour of the hotel by 360 degrees on the computer, be updated, so guests are not misled. Because bad news travel by Internet speed!

What is the future?

Already is in progress development of science in the direction-virtual reality. Imagine that you want to go to some place at some hotel. Put the glasses and say the country, the city, the name of the hotel. In a split second you are there and you can virtually take a walk, and it is possible that you will be able to feel things (like 5 or 7d cinema …) And it all from your home. It’s fascinating, right?

What do you say? Have you ever looked at in this way for a hotel in which you should stay? Would this help you to decide when choosing accommodation? Will you from now on give priority to hotels that have 360 degrees a presentation?


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