Za ovaj most su bile potrebne decenije i strpljenje... Indija

For this bridge took decades and patience … India

Do you like bridges? Unbelievable but true, these bridges are real, and people from all over the world gather courage to cross them! Are you one of them?

Most od kanapa, Irska Napravili su ga ribari pre više od 350 godina

Bridge of rope, Ireland
It was made by fishermen for more than 350 years

Bridges … Ivo Andric said that there is nothing better and more valuable than bridges in his eyes. He thought that they are more important than houses, more sacred and more general than temples. They belong to all and treat all alike, useful, raised always deliberately, at the point where it crosses the greatest number of human needs, they are more durable than other buildings and serve no secret or evil.

Bridge in the Karakorams over the Hunza River, Pakistan

Bridge over River Hunza, Pakistan
Rope and wood

Every day we cross bridges. In ourself or on the road. The bridges are there to spice up the journey and to help you to connect two sides, if there are no bridges, no way you were able to move from one side to another … at least not in the short term.

Most od stakla, Kina

Bridge of Glass, China Haohan Qiao

In front of you are constructions which people are afraid of, but they still exceed. Some are walking, some crawling, some looking at the sky, some are holding fast … Some people give up and go again. Some are afraid halfway … Maybe some are fallen … The question for you is, would you dare to cross the bridges of which freezes the blood in your veins? Do you even embarked on a path that will take you to a bridge like this?

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England

The Millennium Bridge that defies gravity, England

All these have something in common – like life – to move to the next level and seen and experience something much better and more beautiful, you must gather the courage to move on!

Švajcarska, Triftbrücke... Okolo su samo litice i provalija

Switzerland, Triftbrücke … Around the only cliffs and precipices

If you ever find yourself in front of these bridges, we want you to have fun during the transition from one to the other side 🙂 Life is a game!

Švajcarska, Titlis Cliff Walk

Switzerland, Titlis Cliff Walk


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