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As you know we decidet to go for one weekend to Belgrade is. In Belgrade, there is always something new to explore and experience. More about our hedonistic weekend in the capital can be found here —> One day in Belgrade!
You know how Belgrade is. Fast and playful. To succeed in anything that you want to do and finish in Belgrade, it is necessary to have a good rest and get some quality sleep.

For this weekend stay in Belgrade we choose City Break Apartments

aparman u centru beograda

beograd apartman u centru

From their many apartments we decided Parlament 2 apartment with bedroom. This apartment is located in Vlajkoviceva street and looking at the Parliament 🙂 And around the corner is the center! Whenever we choose accommodation we always decide to rent one in the city center because the center is a place where you can experience a lot. This is the most important to us when and if we are going somewhere as a tourists. You will not waste time and money on transportation from the surroundings of the city to the center. You will always be able to visit much more if you are around the corner!

City Break Apartmani u centru beograda

Because of the work that we do, of course we need a WiFi, but in this apartment we had the best ever! Even we were sorry that we did not get to record and edit video in order to upload on the Internet from there.

Apartmani beograd City Break

Living Room brings with it the story of Mona Lisa. Pictures hanging on the wall are the work of an author who several years ago had a project Mona Lisa. He painted people in the famous Mona Lisa style. We think it’s awesome that they decided to use these paintings to decorate apartment because it is thanks to that given the right note – just like at some home. You will not feel like you are at home (though you are a tourist and you need a change, for the better 🙂 and you will be very comfortable, which is commendable!

City Break apartments beograd apartmani City Break Belgrade Apartments

When we talk about the kitchen the only thing we cooked was the coffee and tea 🙂 We did not have time to experiment, but if you are coming for a long it is certain that you will find all the pots and pans you need. Another plus is the dishwasher!
In the apartment you will find an iron, ironing board and hair dryer, so it’s really no need to pull that things with you!

City Break apartments City Break Belgrade Apartments

The bedroom is beautifully tucked in. On the wall are pictures of the Carnival in Venice and no TV (Jeeeeeeeej) so you’ll sleep like a baby!

Štikla Kafa Kravata City Break Apartments Beograd apartmani centar

In this video you can see a room tour 🙂

There is parking for guests in the vicinity if you want to leave your car for the day. You can park in any parking space, as long as you follow the rules, pay parking and pay attention to whether a place is reserved or not 🙂 For more information contact parking services in Belgrade!

gde odesesti

Name – City Break Belgrade Apartments


Location – Vlajkovićeva 7, Beograd

Accommodation – Apartment in building

Contact: viber +381 600 900 307 &

Price – $$

Our experience 8


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