Hi friends! Whenever we talk about the journey, the biggest problem still is about packaging! People are to much attached to things, and even when they go for a few days they can not be separate from things. At the end lot of them in the suitcase found all sorts of things out of which 99% do not take advantage ever.

  1. PLAN outfits – you know how many days you will be there and roughly know what you’ll want to dress, there’s really no purpose to pack all the jeans you have – one pair is enough ! Do not pack up all the jewelry that you own! Choose earrings and a necklace, and be done with it. Always when you think to pack everything you need to remember that you can always get lost suitcase or that you just can forget small jewelry at hotel room and that is opportunity to cleaning lady vacuum them!
  2. 1 book is sufficient – no need to drag with you a library because it is likely that neither the one book you read.
  3. Select 1 guide and 1 map – the more choices you have you will not know where to look and what to believe, so you’ll eventually lose much time in selecting right things + you will probably get lost at some point !
  4. If you drop something in the suitcase just in case or that thing may be needed – trust us THAT THING WILL NOT EVER BE NEEDED. If you have not used it in the last few months surely that it will not be used on a 3 day trip (yes, even the makeup and the personal hygiene kit!)
  5. Unless you go to a desert island or in a war zone there is no need to pack things that you can buy anywhere in the world if you really need them. For example, you do not need to carry a ton of gum or one liter of shampoo or all possible food that does not have anywhere except at your home land. Relax, try something new. You will not die without plasma cookies 4-5 days 🙂


Pack items that you will need on the destination to which you go.DO NOT PACK everything you have and owns. No need to pack EVERYTHING YOU EVER USED. DO NOT PACK everything you may use it one day. Explore your destination and pack lightly so that you can easily find your way around in a suitcase and you can easily pick up your suitcase.


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