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Experience Serbia Adrenalin and more


Hm … Adrenaline shock in Serbia ?! What Serbia can offer when it comes to adventure? Tired of trips to nature with WOW views of the mountains or the river side? You want something that will shake you razdrma? Adventure and adrenaline in Serbia? Whether in Serbia, there is something that can raise your adrenaline and remind you that you’re alive ?!

HOW CAN YOU EXPERIENCE SERBIA?! WHEN? Where? How much it coast?

1. Skydive

Nobody will attach a parachute on your back and throw you off the plane. First you will be trained, and then you can jump in a tandem jump with instructor. Whether you are attracted to jump from a height of 3000 meters, about thirty seconds of free fall and chasing of 200 kilometers per hour through the air? If you are attracted to this it is time to book your training. You’ll never be younger than NOW!

Price: 150 – 300 euro


For zip line say that it is the real burst of adrenaline! Zip line gives you an unforgettable adrenaline rush. What is the ZIP LINE? Zip Line has emerged as the needs of the population of mountain areas to cross the rivers and gorges where it was not possible to build bridges, but in the last twenty years also got sports and recreational vision. In short, if you want to move around 1200 meters for 3 minutes, and at the same time have an amazing view of the nature, the zip line is the right choice for you! You can try Zip Line in Belgrade at Ada, on Tara (they say it is the biggest zip line in Europe), on Kopaonik mountain.

Price: 30 – 100 euro


Fast river and over again a beautiful view of nature! Serbia has a lot of wild river that shaped the exceptional canyons and wild rapids and this is what is most in demand when rafting and adventure on the rivers are in question! The mountainous landscape and the rivers Drina, Ibar, Lim and Tara are a paradise for lovers of drifting! In this adventure you can embark in large boats with 6 or more people or in a boat for 2 or 3 people. For the bravest there is HYDRO SPEED which is a sport in which you are on hydrospeed board, like surfing. Go down the wild rivers with the help of hydro speed board that keeps and protects from impact in moans and keeps you on the surface of the water. There is always something for those who still want to enjoy the rafting on the calm parts of the river.

Price: 30 – 150 euro


Imagine that you are doing the military exercises, and that in addition it needs to wake up child in yourself, be good in the brain games. All that at once. Climb, crawl, run, hand over the baton to (but not on the ground), tow rope, think … Overcome your greatest fears. Assemble a team of 5 people. Disconnect for 24 hours and get going, maybe you can win 🙂

Price: 25 euro

5. PaintBall

Paintball is a game developed in the 1980s in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs, or pellets, usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed air (Nitrogen) powered “paintball marker”. The game is regularly played at a sporting level with organized competition involving major tournaments, professional teams, and players. Player strategy varies depending on the field „bunkers“ or the number of players per team. For instance if a match is held on an „Airball“ or „Hyperball“ field beginning strategy suggests sprinting towards the inflatable bunkers on the edge of the field and „flanking“ the other team, strategy may vary depending on the amount of players. If there are 7-15 players on both teams, a few may decide on staying back and „suppressing fire“. But if there are only 6-7 players on both teams, sprinting towards the other edge of the field may prove helpful to victory. Use your brain. Use your strength! Survive!

Price: 10 to 50 euro

6. Driving a motor glider

Powered hang glider – Lightweight Air Force … Is there anything more beautiful than flying? Flight speed of 70 to 140 kilometers per hour. Flight with motor glider takes approximately 20 minutes and there will be no obstacles between you and the sky. You will see the forest and the city from a bird’s perspective. If you are not embarking on this drive to break a fear of flying – you will enjoy!

Price: 100 – 200 euro

7. Bungee jump

One of the strongest adrenaline shocks ever. You want to jump? We dare you to jump? Well done you are a true adventurer! At Ada Ciganlija is a place to jump from a height of 55m above the water. If this is not enough extreme, not far from here, you can bungee at the river Tara! Adrenaline shock in Serbia – NUMBER 1!

Price: 40 to 85 euros


Paragliding is one of aviation sports. It is a competitive and recreational sport. Also, belongs to the extreme sports. Parasailing (with paraglider) is one of the youngest air sports and one of the easiest ways to achieve the dream of flying. This sport has been intensively developed and expanded in the last fifteen years and is growing in the sport aviation. Where all in Serbia, you can experience PARAGLAJDING: Kula-Vrsac, Rajac, Sićevo, Kopaonik, Suva Planina, Golija, Zlatibor.

Price: 100 – 200 eura

9. Escape rooms

Escape Rooms game are originally been online games that evolved into the game in real space. They became so popular that within a few years and become a global phenomenon at a major attraction in many cities of the world. The game is set in a mysterious space perfect for testing skills with good entertainment. In teams of 2-6 players locked you in the thematic room for 60 minutes and you should give your best to escape before time runs out. This includes research rooms, finding hidden clues, disclosure of secret codes and solving a variety of puzzles to be rescued on time! If you do not exit room for 60 minutes – you lose!

Price: 20-60 euro


A walk in the well-known and already groomed slopes is boring for you? Looking for new experiences? You want to go off the road and experience (and see) something that is not for everyone? In Serbia there are nature and artificial climbing. They say that the most beautiful climbing is in the cliffs, and you can find the most adrenaline in climbing racing! For this type of awakening adrenaline you will need a little more time because you have to go through training and workouts!

Have you Experienced Serbia yet? If you are not be shore to EXPERIENCE SERBIA this spring or summer!

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