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Human must remain a student when he becomes a teacher.

Each day brings with it some lesson. If you pay close attention to everything that is happening during the day you will notice that you see something new every day, you will notice that you are learning new things.

Knowledge is power.

Another Monday is a sign that it is time for new things and interesting facts. Are you ready to …
Learn interesting new things every day? 🙂

We have of course been valuable and we wrote seven new things we have learned in the past week!

  1. The first day of the Lunar New Year (Chinese) is not good to wash your hair and laundry, and it is not good to clean the house with a broom.
  2. You do not need for anything wisdom teeth
  3. Derek Hou a blind man who surf! What is your excuse today?!
  4. The lesson for those who did not go to the army – US Admiral William Reven Mek explained why should every morning you need to make a bed. But not only to do it in a hurry, but to tighten all the edges … – This is the first task that you will perform well during the day. If your first task do a phenomenal, every other will do even better because you will be motivated to succeed. If you can not do little things you to do great and big things right!
  5. Plasma cookies dipped in coffee is something most perfect in the world
  6. Mexico plans to charge tourists making selfies ?!
  7. If we were buried in snow, how many of you would ever think to make a igloo for rent? This guy is figured it out, he made an igloo and set it on Airbnb for rent. So who likes winter and coldness …: Dfacts


  1. It is good to have an opinion about everything, but it is not necessary to impose it to others.
  2. Salt is slowing down „work“ of yeast.
  3. Happiness consists of small things and great people
  4. Preparing a wedding does not have to be a horror movie
  5. You do not have to know everything you do, do it and you’ll learn or hire someone to do the job properly!
  6. There is no problem that is bigger than me.
  7. Mexico is composed of 31 states where speaks 68 languages.



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