Wondering where to travel in February? Want to take advantage of this month and go for a mini trip but not sure where to go? We are here to help and give you ideas for the February travel!

Often ask us to recommend a travel agency and arrangements that we think that is ok. We rarely go via travel agency. But for tours of Europe and the Balkans, we will always recommend you to go via agency rather than driving a car 800 or more kilometers in one direction.

Why? Because the driver needs to enjoy discovering the destination the same as everyone 🙂

It is clear that the February is month of love and wine, so you have a huge choice when it comes to travel. We investigated offers for love birds and here’s our proposal:


February travel februarska putovanja winery Panajotovic degustacija vina u vinariji podrum vina Vinarija Panajotović

When Serbia is concerned, you can always create a good and interesting tour all depends on your wishes. As you can see you can spend 15 or 300 euros. You have no excuse for this Valentine’s Day or Day of Wines to spend like any other – with a box of chocolates and a flower! No one underestimates the power of flowers and chocolate, but journey or trip is much longer be remembered 🙂


February travel budapest februarska putovanja

  • Weekend shopping in Vienna – 69e

  • Romantic fields of Toscana – 99e

  • Slovenia and spa – enjoying in amazing spa and wellness – 90e

  • Hungary weekend trip is always a great idea – Queen of Danube and spa

    For those who are preparing the honeymoon or / and want to remember this month we recommend Indochina adventure – Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam – Indochina – 1350! This would definitely be our choice at the moment!

In short actually there is no excuse to sit home and spend a weekend of love and wine like any other. It’s time to gloomy and cold February remember by something beautiful! Have a good trip and enjoy the journey not just in the destination!



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