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How to find amazing accommodation at a reasonable price ?!

How to find amazing accommodation at a reasonable price ?!

Once upon a time, well not so long ago, a few, maybe ten years, while the Internet did not take us under his wing, everything was easy. You collect cash for holidays and go to a well-known direction – to the agency or to the house by the sea where you are spending summer since your third birthday It was not important where you are going to sleep because you finally changed environment and now you are going to relax!

And now lets talk a little bit about PRESENT

The well-known scenario: You sit for hours in front of the computer and surf to find good perfect accommodation! Hardly you pick a destination, and now you need to think about accommodations! You are reading blogs, starting discussion on forum, using google… After a few days, you’re not smarter than you was when you became involved into this adventure.

If only someone could do this instead of you … But there are some agencies i could call, you thik… so you are calling one and find yourself in unpleasant conversation with grumpy woman on the other side of the line, because you remembered at the last moment, it’s all already sold out, how comes to mind to go there when is the most expensive, the coldest, the warmest.. bla bla! You hang up and return to the good old GOOGLE.COM!

Now you’re jealous on your own grandma because she only has one picture from the seaside holiday and a million stories from around the world. You feel sick and angry because you realised how twisted and sick world become and what everything you have to think about when you have to book some room:

  • must have a WiFi
  • must have a private bathroom
  • must have the pool
  • must have a nice view
  • must have a comfortable bed and pillow
  • must be nice for taking photos
  • must to be fancy
  • must look expensive without being expensive
  • it must be in a good location
  • must be near the beach, coffee shop, restaurant, park, playground, gym, pastry shop, museum, zoovrt, amusement park, tourist info center, shopping center, Disneyland …
  • must be near downtown, but also near to the airport or bus station
  • must be safe
  • must be clean
  • must have a friendly staff
  • must have nice windows
  • must have parking
  • must have a soul!
  • must have cool because these dishes with instagram love food
  • must have a name
  • must be brand
  • must…

When after a month you find an apartment (hotel room) that has all of your MUST HAVE you are so so happy because you will finaly have time to relax! WELL DONE! You’re finally ready for trip of your life! This weekend in ________ (fill in the blank with the name of the city you are going) is going to be FANTASTIC, AWESOME, AMAZING!!!

Finally you arrive at the destination and hotel / accommodation you meet only when you need to sleep because you are now interested in all exceptthat room to which you dedicated the whole month!


But how to find amazing accommodation at a reasonable price fast, really ?!


  1. Specify exact place that you go!
  2. Specify the budget you are willing pay!
  3. Browse a few pages on sites such as or or any other for the destination and budget you setted
  4. Just look at accommodation facilities with good grades (perhaps it is raw for those who offer accommodation, but it will shorten the search time literally for a few days!)
  5. If you come across a good deal book now and never again google it, because the next time you will run into even better deal! Life is too short to dedicate it to the creation of just one weekend!
  6. If nothing fits quite well, choose a maximum 3 rooms / suites that are approximately what you want
  7. Remember the cost of the site (and web site!), Contact the hotel in person (or the owner of the apartment) and try to reach an agreement with them (this must be done within immediately, because prices are constantly changing everywhere)
  8. At the end of the day book what at this point looks the best!
  9. Here is the rule – what you liked at first sight, it is likely that you will book after several days of research!
  10. The most important thing to remember – you are not buying an apartment or a house you are just making a reservation (read: bed) for a few days. After a couple of years amazing accommodation will be the least important when you talk about the adventures you’ve experienced (unless you are going to the spa & wellness adventure, but that’s not the topic 🙂

Always look into the future! Maybe you just got salary so you caught uš the spirit of the holiday and you want to treat yourself with 5 stars, awesome amazing room amazing accommodation and pay a few hundred euros per night, but always ask yourself whether this is a wise and reasonable solution at this point ?! On the other hand there is no need for sleeping in a dorm with 10 strangers only because it is cheaper! Find the Balance! And remember amazing amazing accommodation (read: good perfect bed) is just a tool to you which is necessary when travel, experience is what is remembered and retold forever!

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