avionska karta 20 evra flight ticket 20 euros

Flight ticket 20 euros – Myth or Reality? Is it possible to pay for a flight 20 euros or less? The simple answer to this question is simply YES, it is possible. But as in life, not everything is so good 🙂

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So a plane ticket for 20 euros and sometimes less, you can buy from low cost airlines.

But what exactly does that mean – flight ticket 20 euros?

  • In most cases, means that you have bought yourself a place (any place on the flight) and the only thing you can take with you is a small hand cabin luggage.

So if you’re going somewhere for a day or two and you can pack into a small handbag everything is great.

What happens when you have suitcases / or large hand luggage and you paid only the basic ticket?

  • You’ll pay a lot at the airport. The prices depend on the company, and may be over 100 euros. To avoid paying these abnormal numbers for a few pounds of luggage, while buying a ticket, you can pay extra carry-on luggage or suitcase. Prices are from 10 to 50. This also means that as soon as you decide to take with you luggage – suitcase flight ticket 20 euros automatically cease to be a reality.

How flight ticket from 20 euros in low cost companies can reach the ticket price as well as any other airline company?

  • Additional services such as the choice of seats, priority boarding, transfer items such as ski equipment or a musical instrument, obtaining information on the fly via mobile phone, even the plane ticket you have not printed at home, the ability to change the date or time of flight and so on … increase the cost of your ticket.

Depending on your needs, where you’re going sometimes low cost airlines are an excellent choice if you need to adjust the budget. Price can be lower if you are member and travel frequently with one company.

What’s with cheap flights from the region?

  • Do not let yourselves be charmed by small ticket, because you probably do not live anywhere near. So that the price that you get you have to add a transfer to the airport and later from the airport, which rarely may be less than 30 euros.
  • But if your nearest airport can not reach everywhere on the planet, sometimes is smarter to fly directly from the region than to catch 2-3 flights.

What can we conclude? How to react when you see a commercial for airline tickets 20 euro?

  • If you care about the budget – explore. Explore the hidden costs. How much does a flight ticket cost, what else should you need to pay, how much is transfer. What is offered by other airlines?
  • Plane ticket 20 euros is not a myth if you need only transport and nothing more.
  • Cheap airline ticket, you can get if you are a member of a certain airline company, if you often travel with them and if you book your ticket months earlier
  • Cheap airline ticket is not worth it if you have to take a million connections, if you have to wait for days at airports around the world, if you have to pay a hundreds of euros for a kilogram of luggage at the airport.


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