You probably do not going anywhere without a mobile phone. It is of course full of everything, but do you have what you really need when you go on a trip.


  1. GOOGLE TRANSLATE – If you go abroad and do not know the language, this application keeps time and it is literally life-saving.
  2. BOOKING.COM HOTELS – regardless of whether you have booked a hotel or not, it is essential that you have this app, just in case. You do not have to book but at least you know where the nearest hotel / hostel that has spare room!
  3. WiFi Finder – Finds all WiFi networks around, awesome, right?
  4. UBER – Available in more than 100 countries in the world, instead of a taxi, arrange a car and people will pick you up at a much more reasonable price than the taxi driver who adore tourists 🙂
  5. Any offline map of the city and country where you go! Do not wait to get there, but download those maps immediately!
  6. TripAdvisor – check out what’s popular in the neighborhood, whether something is worth visiting, prices, what are someone else’s impressions …
  7. Any do – to do list – make a list / lists of things to bring, of things and places you want to see…
  8. Money Manager Expense & Budget – keep track of your expenses, how would you exceed the budget you set
  9. Any offline game to play while waiting for the train-bus-plane
  10. PDF reader – you can download a guide through the country or city or a book that you will read while traveling or waiting for transportation.

Except these applications, we love to have few movies on a tablet, most of them we watch at home, but you never know where you can get stuck, so it is better to be prepared 🙂 What are your favorite applications on trips?


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