How Safe Is It To Travel To Europe For The Holidays 2016 After Paris Attack?

Christmas is coming! Everybody loves CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR! yEAAAAAA Coca Cola commercials is on tv and social networks, and they are trying to encourage us to be good and to share happiness with others! EUROPE before december and first snow becoming big global CHRISTMAS MARKET!

All these lights, toys, sterling silver, tinsel, balls and white angels in each of us is a child, as if asleep throughout the year deep in us!
Let’s be honest, most of us are looking forward to the holidays and the departure to the sea coast 🙂 It would be great if we spent 6 months at sea and the remaining 6 admiring the Christmas tree, right?


It is popular to visit Europe during Christmas markets almost as spending Christmas on snowy mountains! Well, after Paris attack there is a question – IS IT SAFE TO TRAVEL TO EUROPE DURING CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS?

Millions of people around the world are coming to Europe to celebrate Christmas and New Year. However, on the Internet there are various stories and scenes about terrorist attacks during the holidays, and because of that reason a lot of people are in a big dilemma.
Almost all hotels, restaurants, museums and other tourist attractions have experienced a decrease traffic. Already people massively give up on holidays in Europe, because as they say, no one wants to remember New Year’s Eve by stress or something even worse.
In France is still in effect a state of emergency, which leads to that the passengers are passing by in a wide berth, this the most popular tourist country in the world .

Is it at all safe after the attack in Paris to go anywhere in Europe?

This question is absolutely no one can give you an answer. Nobody knows whether something will happen or will all be flowing normally as every previous year! It is clear that we need to be a little beware, but it is also important to listen to your intuition. Always something can happen, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, for example, no one can predict! However, it is important to focus on the good things that you expect on any road in life, because in the end everything can be perfect!!

Vojnici u Parizu čuvaju praznični vašar

What vendors say?

SHOW MUST GO ON! In all cities, as if nothing is happening, there are ongoing preparations for the colorful, luminous holiday fairs. Everyone play on the card of the holiday spirit, but none of them hide their concerns. The police and the army everywhere the amplifier level of security, to make sure everyone feels much much better and safe and to prevent any incidents! Because of the tradition everybody is trying to keep a positive energy and a smile on his face.


Do you need to cancel the trip?

If you have not booked a trip to some European capitals, our sincere advice is to consider a quiet mountain, where you will surely relax and unwind with the magic of snow and lights. If you reserved and pay for your trip be shure to find information about your destination and to find out the level of risk. Based on the information you get and your own intuition decide whether to embark on such a journey. On the other hand, we must be aware that we can not live in fear whole life! Make sure to plan this year’s holiday so that wherever you are spread positive spirit 🙂

NEW YEAR AND CHRISTMAS FAIRS are certainly the most beautiful thing you can experience in Europe. Unfortunately, after the attack in Paris, the whole of Europe can not breathe very comfortable. We’re not sure how pleasant is to stroll between fair houses and soldiers.
Travel should be a pleasure. The excitement you feel in it should be encouraged only with nice things. December is a month dominated by positive vibrations, glitters and smile. We hope the same will happen this year!

What do you think? Will you feel safe and happy in some European square to welcome 2016? Wherever you decide to spend your holidays this year, we wish you to spend the most beautiful and the best time ever 🙂


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