dan u spa centru / day at spa


In recent years, this time we mostly enjoyed the first snowflakes. This year the autumn rains were falling in December. And we all know how the rain affects the body, especially when it somehow is not the time for it.

What is it that can help us improve the mood (and more) in addition to the fact that the holidays are around the corner?


First you have to know that not all spas are the same everywhere and that you will not find the same content. We suggest that if you have certain health problems, ask your doctor what is best for you. On the other side each spa must have a medical to supervise the spa, so you in the site can get specific information. Of course, before you schedule your spa day make sure that they have all the facilities to suit you!

  1. When you are at the spa, the most important thing is to clear the mind so you not think of anything else other than steam, smells and bubbles. So spa and wellness have contributed to de-stress.
  2. The doctor and masseur will help you to find the ideal therapy in the form of massages, sauna, steam bath, etc. for your body. So, a day spent in the spa center will contribute to making you feel healthier.
  3. It will relax you so that the brain waves will go crazy (but in a good way). You’ll probably get some new ideas, you will feel more prepared for the job and will be able to do much more than before.
  4. You’ll start to lose weight. Regular visits to the spa will improve your blood circulation, metabolism and you will start to loss excess water and toxins accumulated over the years.
  5. You will feel more rested, fresher and more cheerful!
  6. Spa will increase your flexibility, it will cleanse the bronchi and deeper breathers!
  7. After only one day at the spa, when you return home you will sleep like a baby!
  8. All the pain that you have magic will disappear until you return to the old way of life and bad habbits.

All this together will help you look younger, more positively, and you will feel much better!

Fast life, fast food, stress, bad habits, fatigue … all this has a negative impact on our organism. A day spent at the spa can sometimes effect on the body as well as the entire summer vacation of 10 days! For all these reasons the spa is not a luxury, but an alternative that will help you feel better, fresher, healthier and younger!

C y a a t s p a 🙂


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