It is time when many of us make New Year’s resolutions. Thinking about the results we have achieved this year and mechanically old goals writing on new paper that you will probably lose until end of January? If this is what happens to you every year, it’s time to change something!

See here our results – what we wanted and what we actually did – and then continue reading this article to find out how we succed.

How to get everything you want in the next year ?!

1. Make a list of 100 wishes! What do you want to do / achieve / experience till the rest of your life ?!

2. Of those 100 desire, select ONLY 5 that you want as soon as possible to achieve!

3. There is nothing that is impossible to achieve. Write, for every wish in particular, step by step how to achieve it, what you can do and for what you need assistance of other people.

4. Each day do at least one thing that will get you closer to some of your goal.

5. When you have something you really want to do or accomplish there is tiredness and there is Sunday as the day for laziness. Realize that you are responsible for all things in your life you did or you did not do.

6. Never is the right time and if you make a mistake does not matter much if you keep trying.

7. Each time you think you can not remember that either Djokovic was not always winner, Nick Vujicic without arms and legs enjoy his children … You really can always it is just a matter of whether you really want it!

8. Stop complaining and stop looking what others are doing. It is ok to be informed about the competition and new trends but it is not ok to bother yourself with insignificant people and things that you can not influence and things that do not have influence on your life.

9. Turn off the TV and stop dawdling your valuable time on nonsense. Say no to everything that distracts attention from the goals.

10. Be grateful for everything you have and did and celebrate all successes no matter how small or large it is.

When you get the first 5 goals completed, go for the other 5 …. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and happy while working on this. If not change the goal or path.

How do you deal with New Year’s resolutions? Did you forget everything as soon as the holidays pass or then you move into action? What is it that you want for a long time and never succeed to achieve it? What did you manage to finish this year?


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