Now is January and it is raining outside. Totally weird. The other day was sunny like it’s spring, and it is even thundering. This time everything just looks like it is not winter ! We noticed that people are a little frustrated, negative and sad. Many do not suited for the weather_ opportunities. That’s why we decided to show you how we we stay positive and how we nurture creativity in these rainy days 🙂 About rainy January, as most depressing month in the year we will not writein this moment but you know everything!

Here are 10 things that we do and they relax us, and they will certainly help you to stay creative and positive when it rains or when you’re under stress!

  1. MUSIC – why is so difficult to click on YouTube and play your favorite music? Statistics show that people remember to play the music themselves barely once per week, mostly on weekends. Why? You do not have 5 minutes to relax with your favorite beats?
  2. DANCE – Give yourself a break and dance along with your favorite music. Do not tell me that you dance only when you are at disco or something like that? When was the last time you danced? Relax, be with yourself, or partner and dance! This is instant positive energy!
  3. Drink lemonade, eat an orange or drink a fruit juice or citrus smut! Take a deep breath and smells that fruit that remind us of the summer and warm weather and you will regain energy.
  4. Exercise – yoga, pilates, slow exercises – 5 minutes or less to relax. We’ve recently found SmartFit and their concepts that you should train smart and not hard is awesome! Look at their ideas for practice, they totally cool for people who are not in the sport but want to stay in shape!
  5. Hang out with your dog. Pets are literally killing stress!
  6. Write down what is bothering you and tear the paper into small pieces – in 99% of cases solution will come up to your mind magically;)
  7. Watch a video from the sea where you can hear the sound of waves (but do not ever think why you did not there now, you will be worse try to THINK HOW THIS RELAX YOU.
  8. Meditation – if you are not skilled in to this method – Set the timer to 3 or 5 minutes, sit down to a quiet place, close your eyes, put your hands on your knees and think of NOTHING! It will act as an eternity in silence and darkness, but do not open your eyes and do not move until the alarm sounds!
  9. Take a shower, wash your hair, put a mask on your face, do something that has to do only with you and think about anything other than how much you feel nice and calm now.
  10. Buy a ticket, plan a vacation or mini trip – when we look forward to something exciting and beautiful which will happen in the near future is unlikely that anything can ruin your day 🙂

Enjoy today’s day and all the other days that are ahead of you! Carpe diem despite the rain!


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