Hi lovers of travel and beautiful life!

Today we are writing about the topic of how to travel a lot and not go broke 🙂 It sounds a lot harder than it actually is. Currently might fight with yourself whether to book or event think about summer vacation, and do not mention some lovely weekend trip … We’ll show you how to split up, stop to hesitate and hit the road! We’ll show you how to spend a lot less than you think you need to spend abroad!

Here are ways to travel cheaper, more frequent and better!

  1. Be flexible – Take a chance! Stop Googleing best deals, start to follow agency (if you want to go through an agency) and hotels. Each of them has a special offer and it is up to you to get them because the prices sometimes fall down up to 70%! CARPE DIEM
  2. Open your mind – Apartment accommodation and room rent does not necessarily mean the cheapest accommodation! Keep your eyes open because 15 minutes from downtown and 2 minutes for tourists does not mean much, but the difference in price can be abnormally big! https://www.roomertravel.com
  3. REPLACING flats / houses – might sound scary or unsafe, but this gives you a way to stay somewere totally for free. Think carefully about this option because not all have behind intention, some just want to go around the world, just like you! See how it works – www.homeexchange.com
  4. Stay at friends house – if you have friends, relatives or friends of friends abroad, try to stay with them. A couple of days you will not bother anyone, and people abroad likes to see someone from the country because they really missing home.
  5. VOLUNTEER – Aside from helping volunteers are having good time and have fun. Visit a dreamland by volunteer and transfer your knowledge to others http://www.goabroad.com/
  6. Transports – sometimes the bus is not the cheapest! Check all low cost airlines, think about the train! Maybe someone going by car to your destination and he needs company – ask around!
  7. Do not go overboard with large baggage – Take only what you really need because the price of luggage can be bigger than tickets
  8. Walk or use UBER – depending on the distance course. Realize that you do not need to pay a fare to somewhere took barely one kilometer. Who knows what you can see as you walk around, what you miss while passing by bus or tram …
  9. Prepare food by yourself – Find a large supermarket and food store – of course you should try the specialties and traditional dishes, but you do not need to have 3 meals and 2 snacks in restaurants and cafes.
  10. ALTERNATIVE – Always be prepared to change the plan. We live in the information era. Informations are all around us you only need to pay attention to the real and useful ones. Be smart and choose which will be taken into consideration when planning your trip. If you do not like something, no matter how cheap or free it is – change the plan. Wait and look for new opportunity. Do not forget that the journey should be nice, you should have fun and learn something new. Torture and struggling are not an option. We always say this note so we will now repeat it – if you are looking for a destination where you will feel like at home – stay at home! Take an adventure, explore and learn new things!



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