putujete u paru kill each other while traveling

Hello travel and life lovers!

Today we have prepared for you concrete tips and ideas how to not kill each other when traveling, as we do, not only when travel, but also in everyday life! We travel together for 10 years, so we know very well what we’re talking about now. We are all different, each of us has a different temperament and everyone is interested in something more or less. There are no two same person on the planet and that’s why, when you are with someone 24 hours a day, it may be that crazy that you wish in some point to kill each other. To prevent this event we have for you specific advises that you can use and try from this moment, you do not have to wait for the trip!

  1. DEAL – Wherever you venture, it is necessary to agree on the destination and accommodation!
  2. COMPROMISE – a great thing about compromise is that you both have to win-win! If one loves to camp, and another hates nature but he say yes and then you go on a camping trip together – no one will have nice time there, because or you will be arguing all the time, or someone will be upset and sad…
  3. TOLERANCE – you need to be tolerant and to respect the free time that your partner have, as well as his needs. However, you must not allow yourself to do things you feel uncomfortable and because of what you will later feel bad. On the other hand respect the feelings your partner have, pay attention to what you really want to say and act in accordance the situation!
  4. If you’re fighting, and certainly there will be disagreements – solve it NOW. Do not wait it overnight, do not go alone for a walk, do not slam the door – DISCUSS! It is difficult and complicate, but all that remains for later does not resolve even after some time again rise to the surface, and we do not want it, don’t you?
  5. SHARE YOUR EXPECTATIONS – What you want and what you expect to see on the trip? What do you expect to try? Talk about how much you are excited about because you want to do something new and find out whether the partner wants to follow you in it or not. On the other hand you will find out what he or she wants. Based on this, create a list of activities and things that you want to see / visit / try. If the partner does not want to have to try / or do something just ask him to come with you while you do it, or do it by yourself. It is important that both of you have nice time there 🙂
  6. BUDGET – Put the money in a pile and make budget plan together so that everyone has the freedom to do with part of the money whatever he wants. Maybe someone wants to buy something as a souvenir while someone wants to eat more. Whatever it is concerned not everyone wants the same because one has to adapt!
  7. If you have never traveled together, and you do not live together – GO TRIAL – go on a mini weekend of 2-3 days. Be together 24 hours to see how it all works. On journeys people best acquainted. Then rise to the surface all the best, and worst.
  8. SEX – Do not forget about this, the most important activity. Whatever happens to you during the day, no matter how much you are mad, this activity can change anything if you are in love! Stop to be angry and share a little bit of love with your partner!


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