Hungary – hedonism and enjoyment – part I

You can not see everything in Budapest for a day or two 🙂 Now we will give you guide how to see and try almost everything 🙂

What you need to know before you go to Hungary, or Budapest?

If you go by car – you will need to buy vignette when you cross the border! When driving be careful and do not make mistakes, because police will be in front of you like with magic in a minute! So you will pay a lot!

At the border, police searched all cars, so be prepared to wait at least half an hour. (We assume that this is because migrants)

We suppose that at the airport is the same. So be at airport at time!

On Sundays almost nothing works! If you have planned a day trip to Hungary be sure that day is not Sunday! Unless you are only going to a spa.

Parking in Budapest – crazy as in Belgrade. Prepare nerves for circulating. Or park in the underground garage of some hotel in center. Parking is free on Sundays!

Currency: Hungarian forint – euro around 309 forints. Some exchange offices charge a fee!

Accommodation: Whichever side of the Danube you choose everything will be awesome 🙂 All is well connected with metro, so you’ll quickly get wherever you go. We, as always, stayed at center because we love to go around on foot 🙂

Check out our apartment room tour in Budapest:

Note for accommodation – no matter how you find fabulous accommodation for low price – beware of hidden costs. For example – parking place – 10 euros, clean rooms (yes you do pay for it and it generally is not included in the room rate) from 10 to 30 euros. Tourist tax is also paid. Many apartments, and even in some hotels, share a bathroom – so before you book, ask what is included in the price and what is not and what apartment includes!


Once you have parked and settled the order is to enjoy! In this post we focus on pure hedonism – food, drink and spa 🙂


Restaurants and cafes are abundant, so you will not stay hungry! We tried goulash, LANGOS, chicken stew, cake drum, rizi-bizi, chimney cakes and of course bread! Dough is phenomenal. However beware of red hot pepper, if you’re not a fan 🙂 We took the opportunity to enjoy in a wonderful ice cream in the form of roses.

Gelarto rosa
Gelarto rosa
Slatkiši :)
Sweets 🙂
Dimnjak kolač
Chimney cake


Do not miss the enjoyment of espresso coffee with some of the phenomenal views of the Danube and the other side of town! In the evening, be sure to drink a beer or wine outside!

vino mađarska
kafa mađarska


Hungary has many spas where you can enjoy swimming in the pools with too hot water! Day in wellness and spa centers can cost you from 2000 to 6000 forints. This enjoyment should not miss, no matter whether you go to Hungary in winter or summer! We visited a few of them and we definitely enjoyed the most (if we forget about food 🙂


Check out our first video from Budapest!

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