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You often ask us how to eat when traveling. Last weekend we spent in Belgrade and we are not eat by our standards. There were waffles, hamburgers, pizzas … In everyday life, when every day you eat this food, non-stop, something will go wrong! Many of us is finding breakfast ideas in the bakery, which is totally wrong. Do not get us wrong …

We care what we eat, but that does not mean that sometimes we will not eat a pizza or a burger. There is a time and place when it needs to be enjoyed and we do it with full heart 🙂 However it is irresponsible to eat that kind of food every single day!

Why fast food is not good food every day?

  1. YOU WILL FEEL SLOW – if you eat bad food you will be slow, sluggish and more will feel sleepy
  2. You’ll become fat – sooner or later you will see you got kilogram, two, later 10 …
  3. You will get sick – intestinal or stomach in the end will not stand!
  4. You will be in a bad mood – this food provides instant feeling of happiness, which is sometimes ok, but when the body begins to suffer to digest you’ll be depressed and anxious

When we go on long trips or when we’re at home we take care of what we eat. The concept is simple – fruit and vegetables with a minimal amount of meat (mainly chicken and fish). Once you realize that you these foods is fuel you will never go back to old habbits! (In fact you will, from time to time you’ll treat yourself with chocolate cake, and you will enjoy more than ever before;))

And now a little about the breakfast, which is the most importantmeal of the day !!!


Black coffee, lemonade, 1 orange and 1 banana (for men 2 bananas + handful of nuts or any stone fruits)


Black coffee, orange juice, muesli, oatmeal with yogurt or water (it is important to pay attention that does not contain too much sugar!)


Black coffee, 2 eggs (not on oil!), Apple and a little nuts (for men 3 or 4 eggs)

BREAKFAST NO 4 ( sometimes dinner )

Shake – half a cup of yogurt and half a glass of water with various fruits! Sometimes add 1-2 plazma.

Black coffee you can always replace with tea, sugar-free 🙂
We insist on * NO SUGAR * because sugar gives a false energy. If you are missing the sweets in the morning, take a teaspoon of honey with a glass of water!
This is not a diet, this is a way of life. These foods will help you to wake up. This breakfast ideas will give you strength and I’ll feed your body just the way it should be. Thanks to this food you will be able to walk, exercise, climb a mountain and explore the world without the tiredness and tension! These foods you can find anywhere, regardless of your current location! Stop to skip this meal because you need less than 1 minute to peel an orange and wash the apple. Bon apetit 🙂

What is your favourite breakfast?


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