The organization of the trip does not have to be a difficult that complicated! You have heard many stories of successful journeys of your friends who have organized it alone? You read blogs of people who have been planning their journeys by themself? Buy tickets, find a hotel, finish packing and suddenly you see the pictures on Facebook! It looks very easily, so you decidet that you can try by yourself? Now you probably want to find out how to organize individual travel ?!

Step by step – from idea to realization – individual travel! Organize yourself vacation, without any agency!

  1. BUDGET – Determine how much money you will spend on the trip! If you lack money, read our tips for saving!
  2. Destination – Determine exactly where you want to go
  3. Date – Determine exactly when you want to go
  4. Search basic information on the location you want to visit! You must be aware of the weather conditions, BONTON and whether there are certain rules that need to be respected … Get in contact with the tourism organization of the city. Find contact of your embassy in the country you are visiting!
  5. Explore web sites like – * * * & Search accommodation and best deals! Contact the hotel in person – sometimes you will get a better price than on the websites for booking accommodation!
  6. Transportation – whether it’s important that transport is inexpensive or fast? Call the bus station, railway station and ask about the ticket prices and the duration of the trip. Here you can learn how to get to cheap airline tickets!
  7. Do you need visa?
  8. Transfer – from the airport or train / bus station you will need transfer to accommodation. Explore whether there is public transport, metro .. What are the price of a taxi or whether the hotel might have the option to transfer you?
  9. If you travel by car – ask whether you need a green card, international driver’s license or some other document? Ask about the parking and get ready your gps gadget and good road map, in the case that navigation does not work (this happen to us in Romania)! Of course you need to check your car before you go on trip!
  10. INSURANCE – wherever you go pay travel insurance! If you do not have money for insurance, you do not have money for travel! This is not an item to be skipped! Always carry a copy of your passport in more copies.
  11. Google – what’s popular in the city that you visit? Explore with the help of the what you want to see, eat, try … Write down on paper that will take with you! But leave yourself space to walk and explore without a goal!
  12. Before the travel it is time to pack! Packing for a weekend break or for a longer trip is different, but not so much!
  13. Take a travel pharmacy kit, neseser with personal hygiene and do not overdo it with make-up!
  14. No need to carry everything you own! These 5 things you will never need!
  15. Be creative – for some of the things you would never say that may need them when travel, but when they are at hand can save the day! 10 products that do not tend more than 1kg but they can be necessary!
  16. In the end, just make sure you’ve packed everything you need and you are ready to go!

Forget about fear! Our advice to you is to try to organize individual travel by yourself! For starters organize short weekend break and try your organizational skills! We believe that you will succeed! Our baptism of fire, it was many years ago, three days for the organization and 2 connected flights. It was fantastic! Stepping inside this machine later will be funny and you will not understand why you are at all was afraid of managing your vacation the way you’ve always wanted. No running around the agencies and later from place to place, which the agency believes that you must see! You do not need anything – make yourself vacation so you have the best time of your life! If you find some problem seek help from agency that will not sell you the forward-planned trip arrangement.

If you have any concerns, feel free to ask us, we will be happy to answer 🙂 Have a nice trip!


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