Instagram Mistakes – because of this you do not have followers and hearts

Instagram mistakes Najveće greške na instagramu

If you are not online it’s like you do not exist! However if you use the Internet however, sloppy, that’s the worse. Your goal is probably to attract new customers or clients. However, if this does not happen, you are doing something wrong! It is very easy to make mistakes on Instagram. Instagram has more than 500 million active users, who daily Like and share photos! Among all these photographs are found _ some good videos, but generally most of the videos on Instagram are pointless … These days, Instagram has changed the the motto, so now instead of likes, you can see how many people actually watched your video. It’s great for people in business, but not for those who chase Likes 🙂

What are these Instagram mistakes that cost us the heart and followers? If you’re wondering what you’re doing wrong, we are here to help resolve the dilemma!

  • Do not use other people’s photos!

You can not use someone else’s photographs and present it as your own and expect that no one anywhere had not seen it before. You can repost it (if you ask the author) but you can not download a picture and post it like it was your handiwork. Eventually someone will sue you, but in the meantime, everyone will be clear that the photos are not yours, so you will be ignored!

  • Do not post the charts and quotes

Be creative and post the original photo that will present your brand or you in the best possible way. Find unique style of photography that just suits you and always obey in this manner. Build identity by which you will recognized!

  • Behind the scene

People like to know what is happening in your team or at your factory. People like to know how something is made. But do not post pictures that are boring and/or showing only the product … You need to be creative and present the product in a unique way!

  • Low quality photos

Blurred photos. Photos of poor quality. Excessive yellow …. photos like this need to be deleted and can not be published on Instagram! Ask yourself if you would buy or like photo you want to share?

  • Strategy and order

You must have a plan and program of posting photos. If it rains today, you can not admire the sun that enters into your office (unless you have not left the country). If it is summer time, there is no point of posting the image of sweaters. Ballet slippers and winter are not the best combination. You need to know what you will post for the next few days, but you have to adapt to the weather the environment!

  • When to post?

2-3 photos per day are enough! Sometimes it is sufficient only one! Never post multiple photos at the same time! You must be an active every day. Do not post the same product photographed from multiple angles 10 days in a row. When you’re at an event, you can post few image more, but there is no need to turn Instagram into Facebook.

  • Instagram is not shopping store

People on Instagram hate photos like ONLY TODAY DISCOUNT, DISCOUNT 40% or if you buy UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH PRICE IS 20e. Instagram is a platform for branding. These photos reject followers, about liking we will not talk (especially if you use someone else’s photos and add your price …)! Instagram is here to present you or your brand in the best possible way with photographs. FABULOUS photo that says that something is discounted you will not sell anything. At least not on Instagram. Even if you pay advertising, avoid these posts!

  • Who are you?

Describe yourself in bio the best and shortest way possible. Do not forget that the followers and those who stalk your profile send to your website or FB page or YouTube channel.

  • Hashtag #

Use hashtag describing the photo, but also your brand! Be relevant and in the photo do not put food hashtag for fashion! Do not use dozens hashtag, but only few selected!

  • Where were you and what did you eat ?!

If this is not your personal profile, or you have several restaurants around town, your followers do not care what you eat. Also, if you make shoes people do not want to know where are you on holiday but how you made shoes and where you are buying material! If you have hotel people want to get to know the environment of the hotel, not the city you’re visiting for the weekend! If you have a restaurant people want to know what kind of food do you srtbr and who are your guests, not to view photos of your favorite books or how you try out clothes in a nearby shopping mall! Focus on what you represent 🙂

  • Communication

It is OK to reply to the comments below your photos. Talk to the people find out what they like, what not! If you like some pictures of othes, leave a comment (which makes sense). Like pictures you like, regardless of who posted them, BUT, never, never do that follow people in the hope that it will follow back! Overall profile which has 100 followers and 2000 accounts that follows is not ok. Follow people and brands that interest you and form which you can learn. If you follow 5000 people, then unfollow, when they follow back, after a while you will lose those little amount of people who you followed because they thought you were great.

What can we conclude? How to correct Insagram mistakes?

Instructions for Instagram use: 1-3 quality, unique photos with several hashtag describing the photo and brend! Constant interaction with the people, but by that we no means follow for follow and buy now because we sell stocks, because you are on Instagram to present yourself in the best way and build a brand that people will love!

If you do not have time for this, hire a professional, because a small neighborhood guy can cost you clients, time, reputation and a lot more money than you thought it is possible!


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