What comes to your mind when someone say BALI?

When someone mentions Bali I always think of the pool in the middle of the forest, dance, yoga, praying and monkeys.

Bali is a small island in Indonesia. This island is known for rice, coconut and coffee. Bali is known island by water Hindu temples whose philosophy connects the kingdom of the spirit, the human world and nature. Cultural Landscape of Bali was added to the list of UNESCO.

What could be LUXURY ESCAPE from reality?

Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is blue sea and a resort hotel, but luxury is not just money and glitter. Sometimes a luxury is kiss, more free time, a vacation, massage, steam bath, a good piece of jewelry, leather wallet, 3 hours alone in a hot bath, resort hotel away from the world, a quiet evening with a book …. It’s all in nowadays luxury. Most of these things you can afford, but you not do it, because, believe it or not you can not remember to do that. Well, we are here to remind you :)

We want you to enjoy LUXURY ESCAPE!

What kind of entertainment you can find in Bali?

  • Stay in a private bungalow and experience the freedom and peace of nature. Bungalows can be found on booking.com. For 10 nights, you will pay around 100 euros! (2016)
  • Take a walk through the forest of monkeys and familiarize yourself with these mischievous creatures.
  • Try coffee
  • Enjoy the Spiritual festival
  • Learn where and how they grow rice!
  • Meditate and practice yoga!
  • Try organic fruits and vegetables that are grown all around the island!

Why is Bali is ideal for newlyweds and couples?

Luxury and peace that you will find on this island do not exist anywhere in the world. Forest, swimming pool, privacy, yoga and peace. Couples who want to enjoy a quiet honeymoon or anniversary celebration Bali will surely remain in the best memories ever! People from Bali are very friendly hosts who will do anything for romance newlyweds 🙂 Love is in Bali 🙂


If you visit any of the sites to find accommodation you will find that you can find accommodation for less than 10 euros per day. But if you want to make your stay on this beautiful island remember for the rest of your life, there are resorts for each recommendation. If you choose one of the following hotels on you is just to enjoy. Thats why honeymoon exist and serves, right?

Four Seasons Sayan, Ubud picture is saying more than a 1000 words!

bali za dvoje

The Sancto Villa – spa, yoga and elephants

The Sanctoo Villa

The Royal Purnama – nothing can replace seaside!

The Royal Purnama - Art Suites and Villas

As you can see nothing can compete with the luxury of Bali. On the other side, this island you can experience as a local with minimum cost and maximum experience. You just have to decide what do you want more, book your stay and experience the adventure of your dreams!


  • Meditate
  • Practice yoga
  • Drink Coffee
  • Cook a light meal with rice and organic vegetables
  • Head to the nearest woods by bikes or on foot and enjoy nature!




  1. Simple recommendations for Bali! Exelent

  2. Great post! Love this escape cases

  3. Simple! Ubud is the best in Bali, you should visit

  4. Beautiful destination! one of the best in the world, everyone need to go to Bali for lifetime

  5. Excellent choice of hotels for just married and people who would like to spend anniversary ! Missing Bali so much

  6. I was in Bali with my friends and yes we spend 250$ on ticket and 89$ for 10 nights. It is economical and low budget too, not just luxury. Luxury is in monkey forest 🙂

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