FEBRUARY is the month of love and wine. This is the first Tuesday in February, so we decided to present you France. Which country can better connect love and wine from France? Still not too late to convince you to spend February 14 in Paris or a some great winery 😉

What could be LUXURY ESCAPE from reality?

Perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind is blue sea and a resort hotel, but luxury is not just money and glitter. Sometimes a luxury is kiss, more free time, a vacation, massage, steam bath, a good piece of jewelry, leather wallet, 3 hours alone in a hot bath, resort hotel away from the world, a quiet evening with a book …. It’s all in nowadays luxury. Most of these things you can afford, but you not do it, because, believe it or not you can not remember to do that. Well, we are here to remind you :)

We want you to enjoy LUXURY ESCAPE!

5 interesting facts about France

You can not give the pig name Napoleon
France is the most visited country in the world
The grapes from which is made the best French wine is Merlot, Grenache
France produces the most types of cheese in the world
The French people like cycling the most!


Perhaps Paris is the most romantic city in the world … Couples say that romantic dinner with French wine or champagne, with a view of the Eiffel tower IS number one when it comes to anniversaries. Many boys take girls to Paris to propose them. Many girls dream of a honeymoon in Paris. Yet other cities have been unfairly ignored because they can provide a more beautiful romantic holiday. When you go to a big city you always have to think about crowd and a lot of people, which sometimes does not seem very romantic, right?

Couples in love prefer a table in a corner or a terrace just for them. Couples in love love to walk romantic streets. Lovers love the cities where will remember their first encounter, the first meeting of the kiss. When we was in Colmar we’ve just experienced that. Therefore, whenever we get a question about France we always answer the same – France is not and never will be just PARIS.

France has a beautiful castles

Château de Chenonceau
Château de Chenonceau

The castle was built in the 16th century on the river Cher

Le Puy en Velay
Le Puy en Velay

Le Puy en Velay, known for its cathedral of Notre Dame, the lens and making lace.

Šamoni Mon Blan
Šamoni Mon Blan

The famous ski resort where they were first Winter Olympics in 1924

Burgundi vinska tura
Burgundi vinska tura

Take one of the many wine routes and learn about the wine

There is considerable evidence that Paris and the Eiffel Tower does not make France. France is the Cannes festival. France are sandwich baguettes on the street, wine wherever you turn and romantic streets of the old town squares.

colmar alsace

French are macarons and hot and fluffy croissants

colmar macarons

Now that you know all this, you can easily bring FRENCH near you 🙂

  • Go to explore Vojvodina castles
  • Visit the mystical winery Panajotović, try wine and learn about it at Belgrade underground town
  • Try to make macarons in your kitchen or give a chance to a candy store that will at least briefly take you to France with taste
  • Make a trip to a mountain, such as Zlatibor.
  • When film festivals are concerned, we can recommend the Kustendorf, Silafest and Fest

Of course you can always afford yourself a good glass of wine on the terrace in good company 🙂



  1. Chamonix is the best for skiing

  2. Such a cute post about France, love it

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